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Goblin Layer [v0.43.1]

Art/ScenesAdded replayable anim to Gobsicca (biz goblin) in the goblin harem caveAdded replayable anim to Goblina (goblin shaman) in the goblin harem caveImproved dialogue, text & sound effects to make the Gobsicca + Child Support Succubus scenes flow betterImproved a little dialogue for a Farm girl scene

Goblin Layer [v0.43.1]

Ash expressions have some interesting properties in their evaluation, primarily because they are made to be portable, i.e executable in some data layer (like SQL) or executable in Elixir. In general, these expressions will behave the same way they do in Elixir. The primary difference is how nil values work. They behave the way that NULL values behave in SQL. This is primarily because this pattern is easier to replicate to various popular data layers, and is generally safer when using expressions for things like authentication. The practical implications of this are that nil values will "poison" many expressions, and cause them to return nil. For example, x + nil would always evaluate to nil.

The sword slid through the goblin's throat and the dying creature fellto the ground sputtering. Rognar had been born into a world ofviolence, and he would not share it with these stinking beasts.Striding upon their unnumbered broken bodies, the warrior reached thesummit of the corpse mound and surveyed the carnage. The siege hadbeen broken. Here and there, a wimpering slave of darkness put upresistance or simply clung to life, but soon they would all bevanquished and the sun would bring a glorious dawn to the blood-redbattlefield. Rognar smiled. It was a great day to be a dwarf.

This would be a short quest indeed. A party of goblins had ambushedthe prince on his way to the castle. All the heroes need do is returnhim unspoiled. It would be easy to intercept them then on their wayto the Black Fortress, given Shizenbubin's incredible skill. However,time was not on their side. Goblins grew bored easily and might makesport of the prince's bodily members. Azoul set the pace, a quicktrot through the woods. She smiled at the easily-won glory thatawaited her squad at the end of the journey.

Grum left the hall in confusion, sure he had been tricked. Back onhis hill, Grum watched as a carriage was stopped by goblin bandits andthe nobles stripped of their valuables. Feeling his stomach rumbling,Grum stood and ran toward the highway.

The nobles coward, fearing for their lives. The goblin raised hiswhip, better to lash them again. A huge hand caught him by the wrist.Grum tossed the goblin into the air. The nobles screamed. Thehalf-giant scowled.

-- How long since he had started on this dreary journey? Though the mudwas often thick, Fish-Dwarf had not trudged through so much as apuddle these many days. He thirsted for spirits, nay, even water, andhe longed to swim again. The dwarf had long since abandoned his finsand other equipment as they encumbered him too much on the march.Every so often, he imagined he saw the gem lamps ahead, though itcould just as easily be the cooking fires of a goblin encampment, orsome darker torture, as the lights of the capital he sought. Therethey were, even now... lights! Or light at least, the barest speckin the distance ahead. Fish-Dwarf moved swiftly, no longer plodding,still careful of the stalactites but driving forward rapidly all thesame. The speck became an opening, and he could see the mud of thepassage floor illuminated in the distance, with stone walls furtherbeyond. Only a few more steps...

The old man looked to the empty space where the prince was pointing. This was serious. The king had to be informed immediately. Only then could the decision be made on how to proceed. Every time the dragon slayer had showed himself before there had been a calamity. The old man called for the guards to take Mucer back to his chambers.

The dwarves returned from the mission with half their numbers. The goblin resistance had proved stronger than anticipated and the dwarven leadership was lacking to say the least. The entire operation had been concocted by the odious Prince Mucer, widely known to be a lascivious and incompetent ruler. Upon their return Mucer was nowhere to be found. He had been drinking the night before and no amount of prodding could roust him.

It was a new moon that night and the fields were bathed in dimstarlight. Catra could hear the dogs barking in the distance. Thegoblin snatcher had taken a crossbow bolt in the back coming over thewall. Catra had to carry the princess on her shoulder, bound withropes. They had just cleared the nearby hills when the goblincollapsed.

The bolt had slipped between the goblin's ribs, a hair from his heart.It seemed to Catra that the mission had failed. She had never been tothe evil empire of the Worm. She preferred the savage lands as did therest of her people. The goblin had paid her in gold coins, promisingdouble when they reached the border. It was clear that the goblinwouldn't make it.

The two villains looked over at the princess. By now the princess hadstopped struggling. She rested against a tree stump, bound andgagged. The princess was renowned to be a great fighter. That waswhy the goblin had brought the cougar woman in the first place. Ithad not been easy to subdue her.

The great forest became a swamp before it opened up onto the vastmarsh hell-scape of the Garum. Catra lead Aliza around the manygoblin camps and outposts, for she didn't trust the evil creatures notto kill her and claim the prize for themselves. It wasn't long beforeAliza's legs were covered by blood sucking leeches. Catra stopped fora while to help her pluck them off.

Since the dawn of time, the men and dwarves of the Slusian Plains hadbattled goblins, elves, and each other. Every war was morebloodthirsty than the last. Compared to the evils that men do, how badcould the Great Worm be? The gate guard moved aside and allowed Catraand the princess to enter.

It was too late and all the denial shouted at the heavens could not save his friend. Atone was the first around the corner, pointing his crossbow. When it fired the crossbow quarrel bounced harmlessly off the goblin's bronze breastplate. The goblin guard was on him in an instant, stabbing and thrusting. By the time Mathire and the others pulled the goblin off him, Atone was leaking blood from half a dozen mortal wounds.

Not only was Mathire ready to take on the god of the underworld, there was payback to deal out. After granting the goblin a just death, Mathire and the surviving adventurers stepped deeper into Nadir's dungeon. When they reached the second door, Mathire hesitated. How he wanted Nadir to suffer! He would watch all the books in the library burn.

Racing through the corridors, Galva and Thadrian hurried to escape the crumbling tower. All of the undead guardians had fallen and only the goblins remained. These evil foes were just as eager to be clear of the falling tower and the dwarves followed the exodus as fast as they could.

Outside in the marshland, the goblins gathered to watch the tower sink into the muck. For many of them, Nadir's fortress had been home, all their lives. They didn't hinder Galva and Thadrian as they emerged from the secret exit.

Out of the smoking ruin stepped a wizened old dwarf. He waved to the heroes as he stepped around the standing pools of muck. The goblins stood at attention as the old dwarf approached. Thadrian looked at Galva and then back to the hated Nadir. They waited as the old dwarf picked his way toward them through the marsh. When he arrived, he was out of breath.

"Several doors down, a goblin is standing," the leopard spoke softly. "It has turned to face us. I don't think it can make us out yet, but its night eyes are almost as strong as my own. It is coming this way."

Fiends pounded the trail, hunting Belmir and his thieving partner.The two had stolen into the dark goblin tower in the dead of night andtaken the vial that held the demon king's essence. By destroying it,they could stop the war and put an end to the demon forever. Whydestroy it, thought Belmir, when it obviously held so much value? Heand Gal would be rich men. Or, he thought, looking at Gal withmurderous intent, perhaps just me.

Pebbles fell from the ceiling as another bombardment rocked thefortress. Glamsfir stood and peered out of an archery portal. Thesituation was fatal. He lifted his crossbow and put down a goblinarcher in an act of defiance, though it mattered little.

No lock was safe from the kobold master thief, Macabis. The last yearhe broke into the thick-walled castle Varnus. And only two weeks agohe had robbed the goblin dungeon under the Blood Mountain. ButMacabis shared the failings of all of his kind. For to a koboldsthere was no difference between a rough diamond and a piece ofshattered glass.

"Tosid, Aliz, and Sedil watched with anticipation as the workerschiseled through layer after layer of raw adamantine. The dwarves hadlong imagined this moment, a reality of eternal wealth. There was ascream, then another. The mineral vein on which they were mining fellaway into darkness.

Alnar was not one to give up so easily. He vowed, though only ablacksmith's apprentice, to save the fortress singlehandedly. Hewould build a tube from the lip of the volcano to the goblin horde andfry them forever. If only he had the king's permission. Best to asklater.

Alan came up from his knees and cut down a charging goblin with oneswing of his sabre. Sarvesh dodged out of the way of a second arrowand readied her bow. She fired blind into the woods, praying to thespirit of the forest to guide her arrow. A strangled gasp echoed fromthe darkness. It was over.

The mud was pressed flat by a curving track that obliterated all signsof the goblins, but also pointed straight back the Garum. Thathorrible place was the home to many horrors. Demons from the pit ofBreputog called the Garum home. Alan and Sarvesh would be insane tochallenge Darquan in his evil stronghold, but they had little choice.Night was falling and the goblins would almost certainly get away. 041b061a72

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