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Rebuslar: Məntiqi Sualların İzahı və Videoları

Rebuslar: What Are They and How to Solve Them

If you enjoy puzzles and brain teasers, you might have come across rebuslar before. Rebuslar are a type of puzzle that uses pictures and words to convey a phrase or message, typically a common idiom or expression. For example, the word "been" might be depicted by a rebus showing an illustrated bumblebee next to a plus sign (+) and the letter "n".

Rebuslar have a long and fascinating history that dates back to ancient times. The word rebus comes from the Latin phrase "non verbis, sed rebus", meaning "not by words but by things". Rebuslar were used as a form of heraldic expression in the Middle Ages to denote surnames or professions. For example, a stag lying down in water could represent the name Hartswick or the occupation of fishmonger. Rebuslar were also popular in art, literature, and entertainment, as they provided a way of conveying hidden meanings or messages.


Rebuslar are not limited to one language or culture. They can be found in many different forms and variations across the world. For example, in Chinese, characters that look like objects can also be used for words that sound the same (homophones). In Japanese, rebuslar are called nazo-nazo, meaning "riddles". In Arabic, rebuslar are called al-muammarat, meaning "the enigmas". Rebuslar can also be used to represent names of places, people, or things.

Types of Rebuslar

There are two main types of rebuslar: pictogram and word play. Pictogram rebuslar use images or symbols to represent words or parts of words. For example, an eye could represent the word "I" or the letter "i". Word play rebuslar use words themselves as images or objects. For example, the word "stand" written upside down could represent the phrase "upside down".

Pictogram Rebuslar

Pictogram rebuslar are the classic type of rebus puzzles that use pictures to convey words or phrases. They can be simple or complex, depending on the number and arrangement of images. To solve pictogram rebuslar, you need to identify what each image represents and how they combine to form a word or phrase. For example:


The answer is: Ear + Q = Iraq

+ = Believe

+ 4 = Before

+ = Apple tree

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Word Play Rebuslar

Word play rebuslar are more modern types of rebus puzzles that treat words as images or objects. They can use different techniques such as size, color, direction, quantity, position, or arrangement of words to convey a new meaning. To solve word play rebuslar, you need to pay attention to these details and think outside the box. For example:



The answer is: Man overboard

Tips and Tricks for Solving Rebuslar

Solving rebuslar can be challenging but also rewarding. They require you to use your logic, creativity, and language skills to decipher the hidden meaning behind the images and words. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you solve rebuslar more easily:

  • Look at the word placement. Sometimes, the position of a word or letter can indicate a direction or a preposition. For example, the word "town" written below the word "down" could mean "downtown".

  • Look at the word size. Sometimes, the size of a word or letter can indicate an adjective or a degree. For example, the word "big" written in small letters could mean "small big" or "not so big".

  • Look at the word color. Sometimes, the color of a word or letter can indicate another word or a category. For example, the word "red" written in blue could mean "blue red" or "something that is both red and blue".

  • Look at the word quantity. Sometimes, the number of words or letters can indicate a plural or a repetition. For example, two identical words written next to each other could mean "double" or "twice".

  • Look at the word direction. Sometimes, the orientation of a word or letter can indicate a verb or an action. For example, the word "fall" written vertically could mean "to fall" or "falling".

  • Look at the word arrangement. Sometimes, the shape or pattern of words or letters can indicate a symbol or a figure. For example, the letters "O" and "T" arranged in a circle could mean "dot" or "circle".

  • Use your common sense and intuition. Sometimes, the answer to a rebus puzzle is not literal but figurative. For example, a picture of an eye and a heart could mean "I love you" or "love at first sight".

Benefits of Rebuslar

Rebuslar are not only fun and entertaining, but also beneficial for your brain health, language skills, creativity, and more. Here are some of the benefits of rebuslar that you can enjoy:

  • They improve your cognitive abilities. Rebuslar stimulate your brain by activating different areas such as memory, attention, reasoning, and problem-solving. They also enhance your mental flexibility and adaptability by challenging you to think in different ways.

  • They improve your language skills. Rebuslar expose you to new words and phrases that you might not encounter in everyday speech or writing. They also help you improve your vocabulary, spelling, grammar, and pronunciation by making you pay attention to details.

  • They improve your creativity. Rebuslar encourage you to use your imagination and originality by making you look at things from different perspectives. They also help you develop your lateral thinking and divergent thinking skills by making you find connections and associations between seemingly unrelated elements.

  • They improve your mood and motivation. Rebuslar provide you with a sense of achievement and satisfaction when you solve them successfully. They also boost your confidence and self-esteem by making you feel smart and capable.


Rebuslar are a type of puzzle that uses pictures and words to convey a phrase or message. They have a long and rich history that spans across different languages and cultures. They can be classified into two main types: pictogram and word play. To solve rebuslar, you need to use your logic, creativity, and language skills to decipher the hidden meaning behind the images and words. Rebuslar are not only fun and entertaining, but also beneficial for your brain health, language skills, creativity, and more.

If you are interested in rebuslar puzzles, you can find many online resources that offer free puzzles for different levels of difficulty and topics. You can also try to make your own rebuslar puzzles by using images and words that relate to something you want to express or communicate. Rebuslar puzzles are a great way to challenge yourself and have fun at the same time.


What is the difference between rebuslar and riddles?

Riddles are another type of puzzle that use words to ask a question or present a problem that has a clever or unexpected answer. Rebuslar are different from riddles in that they use pictures as well as words to convey a phrase or message.

What are some famous rebuslar in history and literature?

Some famous rebuslar in history and literature are:

  • The Rebus Monument in Scotland, which depicts the names of Scottish kings and nobles using pictograms and word play.

The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer, which contains several rebuslar in the prologue

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