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4 Processed Resistant Starches Can be eaten every day in limited quantities; those with prediabetes or diabetes should consume only once a week on average. Barely Bread bread and bagels (only those without raisins) Bread SRSLY sourdough non-lectin bread and rice-free sourdough rolls Cappello s fettuccine and other pasta Crepini egg thins Fullove Foods keto hemp and linseed bread Julian Bakery Paleo wraps (made with coconut flour), Paleo thin bread, almond bread, sandwich bread, coconut bread Lovebird Cereals Mikey s original and toasted onion English muffins, cassava flour tortillas Positively Plantain tortillas Siete chips (be careful here, a couple of my canaries react to the small amount of chia seeds in the chips) and tortillas (only those made with cassava and coconut flour or almond flour) Terra cassava, taro, and plantain chips The Real Coconut coconut and cassava flour tortillas and chips Thrive Market organic coconut flakes Trader Joe s jicama wraps, plantain chips Uprising Food breads and crackers ( Resistant Starches Eat in moderation. People with diabetes and prediabetes should initially limit these foods. Baobab fruit Cassava (tapioca) Celery root (celeriac) Glucomannan (konjac root) Green bananas Green mango Green papaya Green plantains Jicama Millet Parsnips Persimmon Rutabaga Sorghum Sweet potatoes or yams Taro root Tiger nuts Turnips Yucca Foodles (acceptable noodles ) Big Green millet and sorghum pastas Edison Grainery sorghum pasta Gundry MD sorghum spaghetti Jovial cassava pastas Kelp noodles Konjac noodles Miracle Noodle kanten pasta Miracle Rice Natural Heaven hearts of palm spaghetti and lasagna noodles Palmini hearts of palm noodles Shirataki noodles Slimdown360 sweet potato pasta elbow macaroni Trader Joe s cauliflower gnocchi Wild-Caught Seafood (4 ounces per day) Alaskan salmon Anchovies Calamari/squid Canned tuna Clams Crab Cod Freshwater bass Halibut Hawaiian fish, including mahimahi, ono, and opah Lobster Mussels Oysters Sardines Scallops Shrimp (wild only) Steelhead Trout Lake Superior whitefish 3

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