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IO Beta APK: A Comprehensive Guide to the App and Its Features

One of the top .io games since 2016!Be a part of the ocean's food chain. More than 80 playable animals each with its own abilities, you choose what you want to be.Now with many different biomes, and skins you can buy by playing the game!Remember: This is a beta version, if you find problems, please report them before leaving a low score. Thanks!

Hi! Only just started playing the free beta. The graphics feel wonderful, but felt motion sickness after 5-10min using smooth movement, I had to stop. I feel ok when doing slow moves, but soon as I start speeding bleeerrr... ? I will try with teleport to see if better.

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Adding this + a slide up/down to the target speed for rotating the camera with the other joystick would be super-useful, too. Please add these two sliders to the beta before going commercial so I can test them and see if I will still experience MS. Thank you so much!! It's such an amazing beta otherwise!! I love how so much can be interacted with, even the shopkeeper in fatal ways, lol.

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