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Younique Mascara Buy Online

Overall, this a is a great quality product which delivers on its high claims. Yes it is expensive but better priced compared to other high end fiber mascaras which honestly cost a bomb. Younique is currently available only in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and shall been expanding operations in UK soon.

younique mascara buy online

The main advantage of ordering online is that the website has all of the products and colors in stock so if you are looking to purchase the Touch Liquid foundation for example, there are 19 shades to chose from and chances are a local presenter will not have all of the colors in stock. Shipping is very affordable and fast and they deliver all over the world to the USA, Canada,Puerto Rico, Mexico, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Hong Kong.

Younique products are affordable and through having an online makeup party you can even earn special rewards and free products which makes the ordering process even more enjoyable. Free Shipping is offered every day on any order over $100 plus or with your first mascara subscription order, no matter the total and with each automatic shipment thereafter. Every Younique customer who spends over $100 USD in their lifetime or the equivalent in their currency with 10% back in Y Cash to spend on any products they choose. Members of the Younique Prestige Loyalty Program will also have a lower shipping threshold starting at $75 USD or the equivalent in foreign currency. There will also be exclusive product bundles offered only for Younique Prestige Loyalty Program members.

Though technically still tiny compared to more established competitors like Mary Kay and Avon, Younique is gaining ground and followers. Though the company is well known for its mascara, the cosmetics line has since expanded to include brow gel, lip stain, lipstick, concealer, foundation and a multitude of shimmery eyeshadows. When Younique celebrated its second anniversary in late 2014, the $300 million upstart was seeing 5,145 percent year-over-year growth with less than half the presenters it has since acquired. The company now spans products and countries, including the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, and will continue its global expansion this year.

Of course, skipping the IRL hassle likely appeals to the nearly 90 percent of direct sales professionals who sell part-time, often in conjunction with full-time positions. The virtual ease of an online based business like Younique is what attracts so many working women to its ranks.

Since Avon first began selling perfumes in the late 19th century, direct sales people have combatted such consumer unease by cultivating personal, face-to-face relationships with clients. The industry started, after all, with door-to-door sales and in-person pitches and thrived under the in-home party system. Despite this, many Younique presenters feel the potential for authentic connection is still possible online.

1) First you apply 1 coat of your regular mascara (any old cheap brand would do, as its just a base)2) Then you apply 1 coat of the Younique gel (its black and resembles regular mascara)3) Then you apply 1 coat of the Younique fibers (it looks like pieces of black fluff on a mascara wand)4) Then you apply another coat of the Younique gel to seal it

I am SO excited and honored to introduce you all to the BEST mascara I have ever seen! My Instagram feed was blowing up with ladies talking about Younique 3D Fiber Lashes and I did not understand the hype. Was there REALLY a mascara that ACTUALLY worked? A mascara that made your lashes thicker and longer without having to glue on falsies?

LEHI, Utah, Nov. 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Younique, maker of cosmetics and the first direct sales company to pioneer the social media-based business model, continues to dominate the lash category with its blockbuster MOODSTRUCK EPIC 4D one-step fiber mascara, which has sold over 1 million units in only six months. This legendary fiber mascara sold out in less than three hours after launch, resulting in a waiting list of over 275,000 orders. This revolutionary one-step mascara is the next generation in fiber lash technology due to its double-sided brush and inter-locking Y-shaped fibers. Longer and fuller lashes are now just one step away with up to 12-hour wear.

"Our original three-step fiber lash mascara is what put Younique on the map, so it's no surprise that MOODSTRUCK EPIC 4D one-step fiber mascara has been another global success," said Younique Co-founder and Chief Visionary Officer Melanie Huscroft. "Women are loving the new depth and dimension of their lashes thanks to our new one-step fiber infused formula."

When I first received the mascara, I was surprised to see it packaged in a sleek carrying case similar to that of what use to store sunglasses. The case housed 2 little tubes: a longer Transplanting Gel tub and a shorter tube Natural Fibers tube. The transplanting gel came with a typical mascara-type bristled brush but it really had much more of a gel-like consistency. The gel did apply like a mascara but it also acted as a glue for the fibers to then adhere to. The tube of natural fibers came with a skinny, non-bristled brush that deposited little fibers to the lashes, helping extend them and create volume.

Now when applying the fiber lash next, I highly recommend focusing on one eye as the steps need to be performed successively very quickly. To start, apply the Younique Transplanting Gel over the mascara. I notice that even with the gel by itself, I already see lots of extra length added to my lashes. Then, while the gel is still wet, go back with the fibers. Here, I only apply the fibers to the tips of my lashes as they can irritate my eyes if I apply them at the roots of my lashes. Once the fibers are added, then I go back with the Transplanting Gel to seal in the fibers. At times, the fibers can get a little clumpy at the ends, so I finish off with just a quick sweep of my lash comb.

I use coconut oil as my eye makeup remover and I didn't find it hard at all. I just take a small dollop of coconut oil, rub it between my fingers until it's liquid, and then rub all over my eyes until I have giant panda eyes. Then I take a couple sheets of toilet paper and wipe it off. I maybe repeat 2-3 times but I've never found it to be irritating on my skin and coconut oil removes makeup without a trace! With this mascara, I don't think I really needed any additional applications but I actually find the coconut oil nourishing to the skin around my eye area so it's not a pain taking off eye makeup. hope that helps!

Ordered this Younique Mascara product for Christmas from Amazon for my daughter Kay Lynn who is 15 years old. She heard about it from girl friends and wanted it badly. Her eye lashes started to fall out and we were concerned. Can't say exactly what happened, but when she stopped using it the problem went away. Her friend Marley compared the Mascara we bought to hers and it was different. We checked the labels from those posted online and found out ours was Fake. I was **bleep** and raised Holy Hell with Amazon. That seller was banned and I did get my money back but it wasn't worth saving $5 dollars for the problems we had. As always, you get what you pay for.

If you want real Younique lash mascara be prepared to pay the $23 to $29 dollars! I learned the hard way and bought some **bleep** on Ebay that was sticky and horrible. I paid like $14 dollars and thought it was a great deal. I learned the Younique company sells it to their dealers for about $23 dollars, so buying it for less only means its FAKE! At least Ebay protected me and got my money back.

I'm a Younique mascara presenter and anything that is selling cheap is not authentic. We are not happy with the Younique company as they can't seem to stop the selling of products on Ebay or Amazon. As presenters, we are not allowed to sell online or we lose our contract. I was say 95% of those posted on ebay are not real. I get people all the time saying they don't like the product and I then find out they bought it on Ebay.A local girl here Misty Robertson who I now sell the Mascara too, got a very bad eye infection from the ebay mascara in November. She told me her doctor bills were over $250 too finally clear up the infection. I bought a knock-off purse in New York last year which was great. But saving a couple of bucks when your putting something in your eyes or body would make me think. 041b061a72

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