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Zhu Xian - Episode 4

All in all, I am really liking the drama. The art is extremely pleasant and the CGI is so well done I am in awe at each scenery in xianxia land. The acting is in general well done, the story goes smoothly and nothing feels especially annoying.

Zhu Xian - Episode 4

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Noble Aspirations (Chinese: 青云志; pinyin: Qīng Yún Zhì), also known as The Legend of Chusen, is a 2016 Chinese xianxia television series based on Xiao Ding (萧鼎)'s best-seller novel Zhu Xian. Produced by H&R Century Pictures Co.,Ltd, the series stars Li Yifeng, Zhao Liying, Yang Zi, Cheng Yi and Qin Junjie in the leading roles.

The drama was a commercial success. It achieved a market share of 7.075 for its first two episodes, the highest record held by a Chinese drama for the year 2016. In October 2016, it surpassed 20 billion views, becoming the third drama to do so after The Journey of Flower and The Legend of Mi Yue. In December 2016, it became one of the most viewed drama online with over 25 billion views.[21]

Results: Among all the fecal specimens, 51 (6.1%) cases were positive for human bocavirus. The peak season of rotavirus infection was between July and September. Of all the episodes on rotavirus diarrhea, 96% occurred before 2 years of age, with peaks in children with 7-12 months of age. Data from Nucleotide Sequence analysis showed that among 28 samples that carrying HBoV-1, 5 strains belonged to HBoV-2, HBoV type 3 but type 4 were absent.

To investigate the characterization of chemical compositions in size-segregated particles during severe haze pollution episodes in different regions of China, a campaign was conducted in Tianjin, Hangzhou and Chengdu. Size-segregated particles were collected with eight-stage Anderson cascade impactor in these cities in winter respectively. Ten major compositions of particles including (Na+, NH4+, K+, Mg2 +, Ca2 +, Cl-, NO3-, SO42 -, OC and EC) were analyzed. A similar bimodal distribution of particles was found between northern and southern cities peaked at 0.7-2.1 and 9.0-10.0 μm. OC, EC, SO42 -, NO3-, Cl- and NH4+ were the major chemical compositions of fine-mode particles, whereas OC, EC, SO42 -, NO3- and Ca2 + were the major compositions of coarse-mode particles. In the three cities, Cl-, SO42 -, NO3-, NH4+ and K+ of all compositions were unimodal distributions peaked at 0.7-2.1 μm. Different sources to particles in the three cities were inferred based on the size distribution characteristics of chemical compositions. For Tianjin, the influence of sea salt was greater to Hangzhou and Chengdu based on the concentrations and distributions of Na+ and the Cl-. Fine-mode Cl- and SO42 - were highest in Tianjin, meaning the greater contribution of coal burning to particles during severe pollution. For Hangzhou, the NO3- concentration was higher than Tianjin and Chengdu. Contribution of nitrate to PM was higher than that of sulfate. For Chengdu, carbonaceous species contributed mostly to fine particles. However, sulfate and nitrate contributed mostly to fine particles in Tianjin and Hangzhou. The contributions of EC and Ca2 + to coarse-mode particles was much higher than that in other cities, implying the greater influence of soil particles, construction dust or falling dust to PM in Chengdu. In addition, there were greater emission source of NH4+ in Chengdu. Northwest, west and southeast were the major transport pathways of air masses for Tianjin, Hangzhou and Chengdu. 041b061a72

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