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Joshua Perez
Joshua Perez

Superbowl 2009 Ad’s Are On HULU [Extra Quality]

Pepsi is for those who think young, and you know what the kids like? MacGyver. Was I the only one who had trouble recognizing Richard Dean Anderson in those ads? He was only shown briefly, but I seriously thought it was John McCain for a second there.When I saw that Steve Martin was hosting, I was actually excited, but dear god did they drop the ball. Keenan Thompson needs to be fired or at least stop getting roles in sketches as "Talk show host" because he simply can not carry five minutes of comedy alone.How sad is it that they didn't trust Steve Freaking Martin to carry the comedy end of things on Saturday Night Live of all places? DO the writers really think his greatest talent lies in being the straightman?As for superbowl ads, I don't really remember any of them, which suggests they not only weren't good superbowl ads, but that they completely failed in their reason to exist. I did like the Alec Baldwin Hulu ad, but was he wearing ruby red lipstick?

Superbowl 2009 Ad’s are on HULU

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my favorite recurring snl bits are currently macgruber and laser cats. although i didn't watch the show as it aired, i caught the clips on hulu. i love macgruber. i'm not ashamed that i shouted in excitement when the commercial appeared during the superbowl.haha did anyone catch the star wars reference in laser cats 4? keenan was the half machine father but when he removed his mask he turned into a white dude (martin). at least i read it as a darth vader reference.

The 2009 Super Bowl brought in $213 million in advertising revenue - just for ads airing during the game, not pregame or post game. That was a 14 percent increase from the previous year's $186.3 million, when the average 30-second slot cost $2.7 million.

For more info:Super Bowl XLIII Ads ( AP Marketing Writer Emily Fredrix; AP Business Writer Ryan Nakashima contributed to this report

Hulu so far has built its business around pure user expererience -- make a great platform, and people will come to it. Possible they're simply continuing to put faith in their product, and banking on the fact that if they can shock/suprise/entertain viewers into out checking the site, it will quickly sell itself? Note, the night of the superbowl, two prominent new 'introduction to Hulu' videos were posted on the landing page... presumably to accomplish what you've suggested was lacking in the add itself

I feel, at this point, that I would be remiss in neglecting to discuss Shulamith and Yeshiva University, the two schools that have owned this plot of land over time. Though I feel that Vitagraph has made a tremendous contribution to the movie-going world, I feel that the contribution Shulamith has made is, in a way, greater. The teachers in Shulamith (and YU) are able to mold people, and crank out the world's next doctors, lawyers, and teachers, etc. The people who come out of Shulamith have the power to change the world. Movies, on the other hand have the power to turn your brain to mush (just check out Hulu's Superbowl commercial 2009). While it's true that Vitagraph and the Warner Bros. may have made big impacts on the world we live in today, the two Yeshivos (Jewish schools) have made huge differences in the lives of the many individuals who have attended them, and who still continue to call East 14th street between Locust and Chestnut "home away from home." Personally, I thank Shulamith for being there whenever I needed her (and I still do go there sometimes), and YU for being there for my mother and uncles when they attended high school. It really is amazing that I was able to learn in the same school building my mother learnt in. This is a chain, the chain of education that must get passed on, just as movie production is a chain. It's incredible how both the film industry worldwide, and my family, here in New York have so much to owe to this one building complex. It really makes you think.And even though the focus of this project is on Vitagraph, I want everyone to be able to appreciate Shulamith the way it is today.

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