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Where To Buy Tassel Garland [PORTABLE]

There are many different types of tassel garland sold by sellers on Etsy. Some of the popular tassel garland available on Etsy include: rainbow tassel garland, pom pom garland, tassel garland nursery, tassel garland pink, tassel garland boho, and even yarn tassel garland. Check them out here.

where to buy tassel garland


The Flair Exchange began with intentions to create a product that allowed every confetti throwing lady to get their hands on a tassel garland. After all, it is the perfect piece of décor. Tassel Garland Kit assembly takes no longer than the duration of your favorite show & requires no crafty experience. If you're making more than one, invite your girlfriends over to join in on the fun.

This tutorial shows you how to make a larger version big enough to dress the front of a buffet table or stretch across a wall, but you can easily scale down the project. For a version small enough to add flair to your dining chairs, use 1/8 sheet of tissue paper per tassel.

You might want to use a decorative cord to fix the two sides together rather than glueing them. Picture a graduation tassel with the gold cinching all the strings of the tassel. I used a gold cord right where you would glue but you could be really creative and use lots of different materials.. Hold the twisted tissue pieces where you would glue them together. Take the decorative cord and make a loop with the cord then above the loop wrap 4 to 5 times around the joint. Put the end of the cord through the loop you made. The pull the cord from the top and you have just buried the ends underneath your wraps. Carefully trim the ends of the cord. Just added a nice pop to an already beautiful tassel!

Hi, I LOVE this idea on making these tassel garlands out of tissue paper, but I need to make over 200 feet of this. I was wondering about how many packages of tissue paper I might need in comparison to how much you used, or how much room one tassel takes up.Thanks!

A fun and unique addition to any party, these tissue tassel garlands are perfect for parties, photo props, decor and more. Since they're reusable, they will be perfect for many celebrations or even room decor!

Kelly, I saw this post come in my inbox and got a kick out of it because I just posted a tutorial on how to make mini tissue tassels last week! I too bought a rotary cutter for the first time to make these, and love it! Your tutorial is different than mine, but I did use them as a cake topper, come check it out if you want! I used some fun Spring colors that just make me smile! ? -to-make-mini-tissue-tassels/

This step is optional. You could always just hang the yarn tassels from a long piece of yarn, twine or string. However, I think the wood beads add a more finished look to the garland and I already had the wood bead garland! ? I actually made this wood bead garland a long time ago and do not have pictures of the process but I will explain it. The nice thing about wood bead garlands is that they are so versatile. I have used mine on lots of mantels in several different ways. Like in this flip banner or just as decoration sitting on the mantel like on my spring farmhouse mantel.

Making a tassel is super easy, as I found out! Believe or not, this is the first time I have actually made them! I was surprised by that too. LOL You do not have to use yarn for a tassel, you could also make it out of paper, string, embroidery thread, jute, or even thin strips of fabric.

No problem though, because you can just trim those split ends. ? Take the tassel and smooth out all the ends, then slide your fingers down to the ends of the tassel. Trim the uneven ends of with some sharp scissors.

Are you inspired to make your own tassel garland? Do you have anywhere that you want to add some pops of color? This would be a great way to do it! ? I will be back later in the week to share more fall decor with you! Have a great day!

Is it tassel or tassle? Tassel looks funny in my eyeballs but apparently it's the correct way to spell out these gorgeous things and I'm having a tassel moment right now, can't get enough of them. I've got tassels coming straight outta everywhere yo!

I wanted a tassel garland for a workshop event and I was searching everywhere (well, Etsy) for a colour palette that made me happy but was getting nowhere fast (and lawd do I ever have to do everything at 100mph). Then I realised I didn't need no paper garland, nope, I could just make a yarn one instead. Hurrah for lightbulb moments. Thank you universe for sending me that one.

Thus ensued an awesome few days of stringing twine up round the dining room and office, making everyone duck down to walk through the dining room or office and attaching these super little guys, one by bleeding one, to the twine to make something incredible. Then I trimmed them, tidied them up and then I glued them, I was a #tasselboss and it worked, how awesome is this garland? I love it more than Christmas and to share that love with you I even made a video to show you how to make one for yoself.

I used Caron Simply Soft to make my tassels. It's very hardwearing yarn, tons of great colours and aran weight which is perfect for tassels. You can buy it here (UK and US) and the colours I used are: Neon Pink, Soft Green, Neon Yellow, Light Country Peach, Neon Coral and Cool Green.

I wanted to make some tissue paper tassel garlands recently--you know, the ones you see all over the place made out of tissue paper. Who doesn't love those? But you know what I didn't love? How much tissue paper costs, and how little you get in each package. I've seen DIY tassels made with crepe paper, too, but while that would be less expensive, I really like the softer look of a tissue paper garland. You can make your own tassel garland for about a dollar with this cute DIY project.

Identify where the napkin is folded before cutting the napkin into strips. You want the fold to remain intact. While the napkin is still folded, cut all of the layers into narrow ribbons with a pair of sharp scissors, stopping about an inch below the fold of the napkin.

That's an entirely optional step, however. The napkin tassels look just as darling tied with baker's twine ties, too. You could also use a piece of tape (or even pretty washi tape) to gather the top of your tassel.

These tassels are made with classic, incredibly inexpensive, square paper dinner napkins. The kind that you can find at any party or dollar store. The fact that I only spent a dollar (I already had the twine) to make these fun garlands means that this is an incredibly inexpensive way to add pops of color to any party.

I found these adorable striped napkins at Michaels. I love the fact that when you make cute tassel garlands with this technique, you don't need to trim ends of the tassel to get a perfectly uniform look.

A tassel garland can be used to dress up all sorts of things, like the mantel, a table or a photo backdrop. And you can make them in any color or theme you like. They make great decor for baby showers, weddings and holiday parties.

After we got home, she told me that we needed to make decorations for the hospital room because her baby sister needed beautiful things to look at when she got here. I asked what she had in mind, and she told me we needed pictures on the wall and a garland like the one she has above her bed.

I had this bright and cheerful birthday card from Rifle Paper Co., which we decided would be perfect to welcome baby girl to the world. So we chose some embroidery floss to match the candles in the birthday card and made mini tassels for a garland for brighten up our room.

Decorate your home with our white pumpkin tassel garland this fall. The garland features paulownia wood beads, tassels and felt pumpkins on twine. The pumpkins feature white pumpkins in between the hanging tassels. The garland would look great on your fireplace mantle.

1. A new pack of tissue in assorted colors. Do not wrinkle! This is very important if you want the lovely straight drapey-ness that really can make or break these garlands. Also, you will probably want some mylar/metallic tissue. In my opinion, the shinys are a crucial detail. :)

Step 5: Gluing. Squeeze a small dollop of glue at the point where the last twist meets. Let dry. (Use tacky glue for tissue, and hot glue for mylar. Hot glue is the only thing I have found that works for mylar! If you have any other suggestions, please let me know!)

Step 7: Trimming. Take your scissors and trim off the uneven pieces of the tassel as if you would trim hair. This way your tassels have a nice clean edge at the bottom. Collect the trimmings in your jar of confetti!

I love Confetti System and I made these tissue garlands as a backdrop for my dessert table. SO much cheaper to DIY and there is a bit of time that goes into making it, but the reward to see it all come together is so worth it!

If you have any concerns or need to make a change to your order please let us know ASAP. If you need your order in less than 10 business days you MUST contact us with your event date so we can adjust your order to include expedited shipping. Orders that are shipped via USPS Priority Mail are not guaranteed. Orders are shipped from our studio 5-7 business days after they are purchased and will arrive at your door anywhere from 1-5 business days after that. Paper Fox LA is not responsible for stalled or delayed packages once they are in possession of USPS. Refunds are not offered for packages that do not reach their destination in time for your event. Buyer is responsible for choosing appropriate shipping methods and contacting Paper Fox La with any rush requests.

Our two favorite yarns for making tassels and pom poms are Favorito, a DK-weight acrylic twist yarn, and Omegacryl, fine fingering-weight yarn comprised of three separate skinny strands. These two yarns are made by the same manufacturer in Mexico and although their color names are mostly different, many of the colors have exact or near-exact matches! 041b061a72

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