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What You Need to Know About Louis Vuitton Trunk Serial Number: History and Meaning

in the 1930s, stokowski began traveling in order to lead his orchestras and commissions from many countries. not long after, louis vuitton was asked to supply stokowski with a special trunk. the lecteur stokowski was created from louis vuitton s materials and distinctive pattern. this trunk was given a glossy and a canvas canvas shell, with beech hardware, leather scuff plates, and fitted it with a fold-out desk.

Louis Vuitton Trunk Serial Number Lookup

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now that the above trunks type and purpose have been identified, it is time to move forward into a determining a date of manufacture. first and foremost when you open a vuitton trunk, you will notice a label. labels began to be used on the trunks because it was a useful resource to determine a new style and to identify the retail locations. as such, labels are key items in the vintage trunk dating process. every vuitton trunk comes with an official label and a serial number.

every trunk is identified with a specific and unique stamp that appears on the right and left sides of the label. for example, the most famous trunks include the original stokowski, stokowski personal trunks, the model 17 and model 40 trunks. some of the other most commonly identified trunks in the vintage trunk community include:

this model 17 (serial number 0108589) was specifically created for conductor leopold stokowski. you can immediately see why this trunks is special, as it is stamped on the canvas right sleeve with the number, and similarly, on the left, it has the year, 29, stamped on the canvas. the inside features the same stamped canvas and also holds the same identifying numbers, as well as louis vuittons lv signature seal.

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