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Gratis Power Rangers Mystic Force Sub Indo

Twenty years ago in a magic-filled dimension, the forces of darkness came into power and a war called the "Great Battle" between good and evil began all while the citizens of the human world remained unaware. An army of monsters, led by a magnificent warrior named Morticon, swarmed the land with their sights set on taking over the magical realm, the human realm, and beyond. The army of Morticon, opposed by five wizards, the most powerful wizard of all Leanbow, cast a spell to pushed back the dark forces and closes the walls of the underworld forever. The Gatekeeper sealed the gates for all eternity. The army of Light successfully thwarted the dark forces' attempt to take the surface world, but the five wizards lost their lives. Leanbow, who sealed himself on their side of the Gate to make sure evil sources do not escape, journeyed to the underworld.

Gratis Power Rangers Mystic Force Sub Indo

Using their powerful magic and incredible martial arts skills, the Mystic Force Rangers must rely on teamwork to save the day. Later, in a shocking surprise, it is revealed that Koragg is none other than Leanbow, the greatest and the strongest of the five original wizards. In a fight with Udonna, Koragg takes over Udonna's magical staff filled with the power of goodness. Over time, Udonna's magical staff, along with the knowledge that Nick is actually his and Udonna's missing son Bowen, helps Koragg turn back to his original self, allowing him to use his powers to transform into the Wolf Warrior. In the end, the Rangers come together to defeat the Master of the Underworld with the help of Briarwood's people with the power of truth and goodness. With the forces of darkness defeated, Nick, Udonna, and Leanbow leave Briarwood to meet Nick's adoptive parents while the remaining Rangers stay behind to protect their home.

When Clare learns of her mother Niella's legacy, she takes on the Gatekeeper's role. While she is victorious against Necrolai, she tries to overpower Koragg after he kidnaps Udonna and forces Clare to fight him. Clare is ultimately seized by Necrolai and used to raise the gates to the Underworld.

The Rangers find that the city has been overrun with Imperious' forces, led by Necrolai. Music is banned from the world, Rootcore has been destroyed, and the Rangers have lost their magic. When Koragg finds them in the forest, he tells them what has happened that the only way to reverse Jenji's wish is to see the Tribunal of Magic, which they can reach by riding Fire Heart (raised by Koragg in this alternate universe). In this other dimension, the Rangers wander through the desert until they ultimately find a door leading to the Tribunal of Magic. The Tribunal asks why the Rangers have come. After a short conversation, the Tribunal declines the Ranger's request to reverse the wish, sending them back to Briarwood, powerless. Deciding that they now have no hope, the Rangers are quickly captured by Necrolai's forces as the Tribunal sees the Rangers' surrender as proof they've made the right decision.

Nick, not willing to give up, fights Black Lance, destroying him with the other Rangers. The Master arrives, spitting out a dead Daggeron and Leanbow before he devours time until they are in the future, a dead, barren, and dark wasteland. After fighting the Master in Legend Mode, their Legend powers are taken away. Nick uses all his remaining power and forces the Master to spit out the time he devoured. Though The Master threatens to destroy them, they are saved by the Snow Prince and Clare. Mystic Mother lived by turning herself into energy before being killed. As the Master retreats, Udonna appears with Itassis and Necrolai. Itassis tells how Necrolai saved her and destroyed Sculpin with the power of courage. Leanbow and Daggeron are revived by Necrolai, while Jenji returns to his normal self. Necrolai was turned into a human thanks to the good energy she absorbed. The humans, led by Toby, and the mystical creatures, led by Phineas, band together to return the magic to the Rangers. The Rangers take on the Master with all their power, destroying him with their overwhelming magic. The story wraps up with everyone working together, the worlds united, and having a party in Toby's store with a revived Matoombo. Madison tells Nick to come back for her, and he gives her his baby blanket. Meanwhile, Nick, Udonna, and Leanbow ride off into the sunset, with Fire Heart rushing behind, while Clare is now a sorceress and resident of Rootcore.

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