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[S1E5] Love American Style

"Lemon Scented You" opens with a brief fable about Native American gods. Told in an animation style reminiscent of Laika's work on KUBO AND THE TWO STRINGS, this fable is somewhat disconnected from the rest of the hour. But, like prior episodes, it will most assuredly be of significance down the line. Picking up the main story, Shadow finds his resurrected wife sitting on his bed and proceeds to throw a pillow at her face to see if she is real. This levity is perfect in what would otherwise be an overwhelming development. Almost nonplussed, the Moons discuss Laura's infidelity and her return. Shadow has seen some crazy things lately so his wife being alive doesn't seem too bizarre. Still, Laura declares her true love for her husband despite cheating on him and takes a bath to warm up her dead skin. Shadow listens to her and she kisses him which momentarily makes her heart beat again. But, when she asks Shadow if he is still her "puppy", he says no. It will take a lot for Shadow to forgive Laura, if he even can, but it does showcase the split in their reunion and makes me think it will take a lot for that to ever happen.

[S1E5] Love American Style


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