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Avtos 3.5.0 apk: A review of the new version and its improvements

Avtos 3.5.0 APK: A Fun and Exciting Car Racing Game

If you are a fan of car racing games, you might want to check out Avtos 3.5.0 APK, a new and popular game that lets you drive, drift, and stunt with various cars in different environments. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about this game, including its features, how to download and install it, how to play it, and its pros and cons.

What is Avtos 3.5.0 APK?

Avtos 3.5.0 APK is a car racing game that was developed by a Turkish developer named Emre Aydin. It is based on the Azerbaijani culture of avtos, which is a term for people who love to modify their cars and show off their skills on the streets. The game has been downloaded over 10 million times on Google Play Store and has received positive reviews from users.

avtos 3.5.0 apk


Features of Avtos 3.5.0 APK

The game has many features that make it fun and exciting to play, such as:

- Realistic graphics and sound effects

The game has high-quality graphics that create a realistic atmosphere for the players. The cars are detailed and have different colors, models, and designs. The sound effects are also realistic and match the actions of the cars, such as engine noises, brakes, horns, crashes, etc.

- Customizable cars and drivers

The game allows you to customize your car and driver according to your preferences. You can change the color, wheels, spoilers, stickers, exhausts, lights, etc. of your car. You can also choose your driver's gender, hairstyle, clothes, accessories, etc.

- Various game modes and challenges

The game has different game modes that offer different challenges and objectives for the players. You can choose from free mode, career mode, time trial mode, drift mode, stunt mode, etc. Each mode has different levels of difficulty and rewards for completing them.

- Online multiplayer and leaderboards

The game also has an online multiplayer feature that lets you compete with other players from around the world. You can join or create a room with up to 8 players and race against each other in real time. You can also chat with other players using the voice or text chat options. The game also has leaderboards that show the rankings of the best players in each mode.

How to download and install Avtos 3.5.0 APK?

If you want to download and install Avtos 3.5.0 APK on your device, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Enable unknown sources on your device

Since Avtos 3.5.0 APK is not available on the official app stores, you need to enable unknown sources on your device to install it. This will allow you to install apps from sources other than the app stores. To do this, go to your device's settings, then security, then unknown sources, and toggle it on.

köhne version avtos 3.5.0 guncelleme. - YouTube[^1^]

Martian Wallet for Sui & Aptos - Chrome Web Store - Google Chrome[^2^]

Step 2: Download the APK file from a trusted source

Next, you need to download the APK file of Avtos 3.5.0 APK from a trusted source. You can use the link below to download it directly from our website. The file size is about 100 MB, so make sure you have enough space on your device and a stable internet connection.

Step 3: Locate the downloaded file and tap on it

Once you have downloaded the APK file, you need to locate it on your device and tap on it. You can use a file manager app or your device's default file explorer to find it. It is usually stored in the downloads folder or the notification bar.

Step 4: Follow the installation instructions and enjoy the game

After tapping on the APK file, you will see a pop-up window that will ask you to confirm the installation. Tap on install and wait for a few seconds until the installation is complete. You may also see some permissions that the app requires, such as access to your storage, camera, microphone, etc. Tap on allow to grant them. Once the installation is done, you can launch the game from your app drawer or home screen and enjoy it.

How to play Avtos 3.5.0 APK?

Playing Avtos 3.5.0 APK is easy and fun. Here are some tips on how to play it:

Choose your car and driver

The first thing you need to do is choose your car and driver from the garage. You can scroll through the available cars and drivers and tap on the one you like. You can also customize them by tapping on the edit button.

Select your game mode and difficulty level

The next thing you need to do is select your game mode and difficulty level from the menu. You can choose from free mode, career mode, time trial mode, drift mode, stunt mode, etc. Each mode has different objectives and rewards for completing them. You can also choose from easy, medium, hard, or expert difficulty levels depending on your skills and preferences.

Control your car using the buttons on the screen

Once you have selected your game mode and difficulty level, you can start playing by controlling your car using the buttons on the screen. You can use the left and right arrows to steer, the up arrow to accelerate, the down arrow to brake or reverse, and the handbrake button to drift or skid. You can also use the nitro button to boost your speed and the camera button to change your view.

Perform stunts and tricks to earn points and coins

As you play, you can perform stunts and tricks to earn points and coins that you can use to upgrade your car and unlock new features. You can do things like jumping over ramps, flipping in the air, spinning around, crashing into objects, etc. The more stunts and tricks you do, the more points and coins you get.

Upgrade your car and unlock new features

You can use your points and coins to upgrade your car and unlock new features in the garage. You can improve your car's performance by upgrading its engine, transmission, suspension, brakes, tires, etc. You can also unlock new cars and drivers by completing certain levels or challenges.

Pros and cons of Avtos 3.5.0 APK

Avtos 3.5.0 APK is a great game for car racing enthusiasts, but it also has some pros and cons that you should be aware of before playing it.


  • - Fun and addictive gameplay

  • - Free to download and play

  • - No ads or in-app purchases


  • - Requires a stable internet connection

  • - May not be compatible with some devices

  • - May contain some bugs and glitches


A 3.5.0 APK?

A: You can report a bug or a problem with Avtos 3.5.0 APK by sending an email to or by leaving a comment on their Facebook page at You can also rate and review the game on Google Play Store and share your feedback and suggestions.

Q: Can I play Avtos 3.5.0 APK offline?

A: No, you cannot play Avtos 3.5.0 APK offline, as it requires a stable internet connection to run properly. You need to be online to access the game modes, the multiplayer feature, the leaderboards, and the updates.

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