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Joshua Perez

Sony Ps Eye Windows Driver [CRACKED]

Today we are announcing two new games for the Sony Playstation 3 Eye - a racing game, and a physics-based puzzle game. We will be shipping both games with the device in the fall of 2007 in a non- final version. The sports game will be for those who enjoy watching college football.

sony ps eye windows driver

The updates are highlighted in green. The original copy of the driver package is a pretty nice one, especially for a low-level driver, but the the driver package for this version is a bit more complicated, requiring some additional tools and configuration files to get working. Sony has a partial WDK8 package on their website for this, but its only usable on x64 systems. We get separate packages for 32 and 64 bit systems.

Before the Bulls could focus their attention on Orlando and Derrick Rose, there was yet another problem. That was improving the performance of the PS3 eye. Sony acquired Eye-Fi about a year ago, and even though its made some great progress it still lags behind other cameras. In particular, the Eye-Fi is still incapable of full-bleed capture, except via wi-fi. The Eye-Fi camera must remain tethered or connected to an intermediate device to be able to save images.

Another thread on the net shows a file that when opened seems to say that the USB driver and the camera are not compatible. I would use the latest driver version, but nothing seems to work. How do you get the eye-fi card working with the PS3 eye?

We got a lot of questions about making the Eye-Fi card work with the PS3 eye. Unfortunately, the Eye-Fi card is not compatible with the PS3 eye. Sony has not released any official statement on this.

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