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[S3E5] Fear

Jason decides to go see Scarecrow at Arkham Asylum, and asks him how to reverse engineer the fear gas, which he stole from Bruce. He wants more than anything to not be afraid, to have no fear. He goes so far as to tell Scarecrow who he is, and makes a deal. Scarecrow will help with with the gas if Jason tells him everything he knows about Bruce, and gets him out of Arkham.

[S3E5] Fear


Unfortunately, Jason has a bit of a break when his mentor and father figure takes away the only thing that makes sense to him. He lashes out at Bruce, comparing himself to Dick Grayson and being treated differently. Later, he calls Leslie and lashes out at her before walking into Arkham Asylum. Here, he confronts Scarecrow and asks him if he can make something to get rid of fear.

At Jason's behest, Scarecrow soon reveals his full plan: "We immerse the good citizens of Gotham in a world of fear and terror where there is no one to protect them. And when they feel all hope has been exhausted, we swoop in and be the answer to their fear. You feed a starving dog, it's always by your side." Crane then offers Jason some of the drugs from earlier in the season, which he gladly takes.

Leslie, though, has other ideas. She reveals she worked with Scarecrow when he was a graduate student. At some point, Crane tried to kill her with his fear gas, claiming she betrayed him. Batman was the one who saved her. Jason continues to probe about Leslie's experience with Crane. However, she turns the tables on Jason and tries to get him to open up about his own worst fear. Jason dodges the question, and Leslie ends their session, telling him they can talk again tomorrow.

Afterwards, at the Bat Cave, Jason goes into Batman's trophy room to get a look at Scarecrow's fear gas. However, Bruce appears in the room to check in on him. Jason tries to ask Bruce if he ever had sex with Leslie, but Batman dodges the question, though he does hint at a relationship with Catwoman in the past. Bruce then expresses how proud he is of Jason for going to see Leslie. In the conversation, he calls him son, which induces a mixed response in Jason.

Later that night, Leslie gets a call from an angry, unstable Jason. He calls her a liar and then enters Arkham Asylum, where he meets with Scarecrow. Jason starts asking Crane about his fear gas and if he can make something that gets rid of fear. In exchange for such a drug, Jason reveals he stole Crane's fear gas from Batman's vault. Crane quickly puts together what happens and realizes Jason is Robin. In exchange for the supervillain's help, Jason will give Crane in-depth information on Batman and help him escape.

After Jason's death, "Lazarus" reveals Jason's dead body was taken from the morgue to a secret Lazarus pit -- which was apparently left by Ra's al Ghul -- and revived there. Jason then ends up at Arkham Asylum, where he discovers Scarecrow has a secret lab. Crane explains he brought Jason back from the dead and gives him a dose of his anti-fear gas. The two then team up, with Jason working to enact Scarecrow's plan. As Crane explains, "Gotham doesn't understand justice. It only understands terror."

Daniel fears the dissatisfied people will rise against Lola, and sanctions Strand to act if their interests align. A water truck explodes, punching a hole in the gate, and a slogan-chanting mob soon appear. Lola is convinced to trade 10,000 gallons of water per week for weapons, with the first exchange at El Bazaar. Lola wants Ofelia to be there. Strand and Madison drive back, picking up Walker on the road.

Booth is talking to Bones in the hall at the FBI building, telling her how he's going to interview Lola, when another agent walks up to them. He says he found out that Megan has a fear of snakes and Booth tells him to find out who's been buying a bunch of snakes at pet shops. Booth tells Bones he's going to talk to Lola on his own.

The search for the killer of two young beautiful women continues under the ever-present fear that there will be more victims. Oskar's friendship with a lady he meets through the investigation brings a smile to his face. But as the killer reaches out to Max, Oskar becomes deeply unsettled by the murderer's conviction that he is an artist who brings a beautiful end to his victims' lives. 041b061a72

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