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18eighteen archives

This is a classic scene from the archives. It was originally featured in 18eighteen Xtra 2. In the scene, Sage is eager to meet her rockstar crush. He's been on tour for a week and hasn't gotten any pussy. That's about to change. Sage is giggly and a little nervous, but you can tell she's excited to suck and fuck this frontman. She moans while hungrily slurping his cock. Once he's at total stiffness, Mr. Rockstar guides Sage onto his pole, and she grunts, amazed at how filled up she feels. Her titties jiggle as he drills her from behind. He even gets her in the acrobatic pile-driver position. And for the final act, he jizzes all over her new face. This is now Sage's favorite performance of his. 041b061a72

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