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Where To Buy Ahava Products In Stores

Ahava Dead Sea Laboratories, Limited (Hebrew: אהבה, Love) is an Israeli cosmetics company with headquarters in Lod[1] that manufactures skin care products made of mud and mineral-based compounds from the Dead Sea. The company has flagship stores in Israel, Germany, Hungary, South Korea, the Philippines and Singapore.[2] As of 2015[update], Ahava income was more than US$150 million a year.[3] In 2015, the Chinese conglomerate Fosun International agreed to purchase a controlling share of the company, which has been valuated to ca. NIS 300 million ($77 million USD).[4]

where to buy ahava products in stores


Where is the best (cheapest) place to buy Ahava products? I've seen some posts that say to buy it at a pharmacy (one of the chains), some say the factory outlet (we'll be near there), and others that say to buy it at the airport, after going through security. Any suggestions?I have the same questions about Naot shoes, which are the best shoes I have. I will be near Naot Mordechai, where I understand there's a factory story. What about shoe stores in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv? Any "discount" shoe places that might have a good selection of Naot shoes (as opposed to sandals)?

A friend in San Francisco used to ask me to bring her an Ahava eye cream from here, but then she found a website in the US where it was cheaper. I usually buy at The site's in Hebrew, I don't see an English alternative but Google translate seems to work. If you put "ahava" in the search box, their products will come up. If the order's large enough, delivery is free. I don't know if they'll deliver to a hotel, but maybe you could have it delivered to a friend. Or you can pick up an order of any size in their store in central Tel Aviv for free. At least you can see the prices to compare. I haven't found anywhere cheaper. There are no bargains at Ben-Gurion's duty-free. Ahava usually has a 3+1 offer for most of their products so that could be a little cheaper if you want 4 items (of course, the cheapest is the freebie). Sometimes you'll see a sale of a few Ahava items at the Dead Sea shops, including the tourist shops at sights. I stopped going to the factory outlet at the Dead Sea because the last time or two, I didn't find any bargains so it was just a waste of time. The big chain is Superpharm and they are generally more expensive, but if you catch a sale, you might get a good price.

At Ricky?s NYC in Brooklyn Heights ? part of a self-described ?edgy, ultra-hip? chain of New York costume and beauty supply stores ? protesters banged drums, blew trumpets and marched around with fright masks in front of display windows stocked with bright colored packages of lotions and potions on October 26. The protesters were dramatizing their contention that the store?s Ahava beauty products add an ugly dimension to its offerings. Led by the groups CodePink and Brooklyn for Peace, some 40 demonstrators condemned the Israeli company and the store because Ahava?s products are manufactured at a settlement in the Israeli-occupied West Bank.

The anti-Ahava campaign has been going on for more than a year. But at Ricky?s and elsewhere, counter-protesters have now emerged. About 15 of them made a point of buying Ahava products from the store. Then, clustered right next to the anti-Israel group, they chanted slogans such as ?Not one inch!? Some carried signs claiming that there was ?no such thing as Palestinian people.? As the anti-Israel protesters chanted ?Ahava?s a beauty cream killing Palestine?s hopes and dreams,? a gaggle of girls shrieked the words of the Shema prayer in an effort to drown them out.

Naomi Allen, an activist on the board of Brooklyn for Peace, said that for her group, it?s just about the settlements, not Israel as a whole. ?We adopted a position in favor of boycotting Israeli products from the settlements and the occupied West Bank this May,? she said. ?There was already an Ahava boycott going on, so we decided to extend it to Brooklyn, where there?s a couple of outlets that sell Ahava.?

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Since 1988, Ahava Dead Sea Laboratories has been creating skin care products that are made with mineral-based elements found in the Dead Sea. The company is based in Israel and has stores there as well as in Germany, Hungary, South Korea, the Philippines and Singapore. AHAVA's products are also available through a variety of beauty retailers around the world. Using only the best vegan, natural ingredients, AHAVA has developed a line of skin, hair, and body care products. Harnessing the best elements of Dead Sea minerals and botanicals, AHAVA products are designed to nourish, activate, and hydrate skin. Whether you're shopping for moisturizers and lotions or face masks and hair care, AHAVA has a product that's eco-conscious and made from natural ingredients. AHAVA's researchers are committed to innovating, while letting nature lead their science.

Has anyone else ever heard of AHAVA? I love their stuff and it's all really, really good fro you as they use loads of ingrediants that come straight from the Dead Sea. I would absolutely LOVE if Sephora stocked some of their products, because they're a bit hard to find where I am, but I'm very near a Sephora and I think AHAVA's collection would fit in perfectly with Sephora's stuff. Anyone else second this?

Until recently the skin care product AHAVA was available in the stores of Magasin and Salling, however, the products are now dropped based on the exposure made by DanWatch that AHAVA is produced in illegal settlements. 041b061a72

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