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Buy Excel !!TOP!!

Our sales rep. is committed to helping you with whatever question you may have about Excel products, services programs, shipping, installation, maintenance and etc. You can call us at (401) 732-8420, send us an email at or talk to us via our online chat.

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Yes, we offer installation services for all Excel air machines in certain areas of the country. Contact a sales rep. to learn more at (401) 732-8420, or via our online chat.

I recently purchased from your company several pieces of software for use with Microsoft Office: - Office Tab - Kutools for Word - Kutools for Outlook - Classic Menu for Office 2010 and 2013 Because my office uses Microsoft Office for the reason that some of my clients insist upon it, I have found the use of the software very difficult (I am used to using TextMaker and Kingsoft Office for my own personal uses). I have been looking for something that would give me some of the same ease-of-use in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook as do our preferred programs. Your excellent software is exactly what we were looking for. It installs easily, works perfectly, and makes the Microsoft Office applications (we are using 2010) easier-to-use and much more convenient. Most of our principal complaints about Microsoft Office have been solved by your software programs. The classic menu and tabs programs make Microsoft Word much more pleasant to use. The Kutools for Outlook and Word a particular favorites because they really make it much easier to use those programs effectively. Thank you for excellent and extremely useful software, I can see that it will become indispensable to me as I learn its large number of very useful features.

I needed an excel product that would save me the time of writing all those formulas and KuTools did exactly what it was supposed to do. No more trying how to count the yellow background cells on a page and compare it to the number of red background cells. KuTools does it all automatically. That is just one example, the package has formulas for problems we did not know existed. The hundreds of hours that would have otherwise been spent on creating the formulas is now a thing of the past and that time can be put to constructive and profitable efforts. Thank you KuTools for such a wonderful product.

I've been saving time with Kutools for years and I cannot easily describe my delight when I search for a solution to an excel calculation or action to find right on top or close to the top, there is ExtendOffice answering my problem AND telling me how to solve it with more than one or two ways... manually with a formula, with VBA and with Kutools. I think what I like the best is their lack of stinginess - and the support is great when I can't find my registration code. Extend Office is a great product and I am considering using their Kutools for Outlook to help simplify my inbox and make my emails magical! Thanks Extend Office, and the person or persons behind the name!

I thinking about purchasing a MacBook Pro for school, and I was wondering if I had to buy word, powerpoint, excel, ect. or if it came with it. If word doesn't come with it, is there an apple one that does come with it, like word, but apples software? If it doesn't come with it I really dont understand why I would buy a mac.

Grabbing a full version of Microsoft Office for free isn't possible for everyone. But you've got some excellent options, nonetheless. The free Office 365 trials grants you 30 days of Microsoft Office, and the mobile versions of Office allow you free use for as long as you want. 041b061a72

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