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Morrowind Best Weapon Enchantment

I have a full set of Glass armor, a spell for Summon Gold Saint and plenty of Grand Soul gems. I was planning on create a "super-suit" with different constant effect such as Fortify Speed, Fortify Agility, Sanctuary, Fortify Strenght, Night Eye and Restore Health. However the enchantment values of the glass pieces are too low. I even downloaded a mod that increases the enchantment values for 10 times and still is too low, the best I could create was a couple of Expensive rings with Night Eye 25 points and Restore Health 10 to 15 points. I tried enchanting with Chamaleon and I can create a full suit with 100% but it will feel like cheating...

Morrowind Best Weapon Enchantment

Armor's actually pretty lousy for enchanting. Most of the light and medium armor tops out at around 20 points of enchantment. If you want to enchant light armor, the best pieces are glass cuirass (12 points), Telvanni cephalopod helm (an astonishing 100 points), glass greaves (10 points), glass boots (10 points), glass or chitin bracers (10 points each), and a glass tower shield (45 points). Pauldrons are uniformly bad (no more than 1.5 points each).

Firstly, Soultrap can be added as the first effect to another weapon enchantment (such as damage or Paralysis) without adding much cost to the enchantment at all. This allows the player to recharge their weapon's enchantment whenever they defeat a Creature, allowing the weapon to be used for much longer before running out of Charges.

A low-end weapons like Chitin or Iron should be preferred for enchanting - a weaker healing effect will be sufficient to compensate their damage. This will result in a cheaper price enchantment, consuming less charges per strike. Also, the player should be aware, that one-hit killed oponent won't be willing to train anymore.

In general, Bound Weapons are not the best weapons available in their respective categories, due to the availability of weapons with strong Cast on Strike enchantments, powerful built-in effects, or especially high damage. Their ability to constantly maintain high Condition without needing frequent repairing can help them maintain near-maximum damage at all times without much hassle.

The exception to the rule of Bound Weapons being outshone by Cast on Strike weapons is Bound Longbow. Since Bows themselves cannot use Cast on Strike enchantments and cannot hold very large Constant Effect enchantments (not to mention there are no especially good non-generic bows), Bound Longbow provides a weightless version of the strongest bow in the game, with a decent Enchantment built right in and free repairs.

Heh - OTOH, I'm running a custom enchantress - enchant as her highestskill, no weapon usage, no effective armour, and minimum hp. It works quitewell.The nice thing about high enchant skill is that you can enchant your ownitems without paying an enchanter, up to your skill level. That meansstarting small, with 1-point or less enchantments, but since you're notpaying through the nose, you can upgrade items relatively freely - andthere are some that are very useful right from the start.Generally, any effect that you use often is worth enchanting. Conversely,spells are usually better for effects that require flexibility (likevarious degrees of personality fortification), that cover a large area, orthat include several different effects.Using 'cast on use' enchantments will improve your skill level initially -useful bought items like life or hoptoad rings are good for this. Later on,you may need to enchant or recharge items to advance effectively.I understand that the game patches made an enchanting route somewhatdifficult at the start by disabling vendor and supply chest restocking. Youcan buy an unlimited supply of soul gems from the Tel Branora trader, orpay a visit to Azura later for a nice surprise.

There are lots of things that you can abuse in morrowind, it is partof the freedom the game offers... IMHO you need to limit your use of some things (alchemy, training) to enjoy the game.I think a bigger problem is that there are nothing to challenge ahigh-end warrior/battlemage with ebony armor and a high-end two-handedsword or a bound battleaxe. The difficulty slider helps but not allthat much. Not that this stops me from playing the game again... thistime as an nightblade/assassin. One of the best games I have everplayed!-- Nicklas Wennberg

Analysis and advice: Minor skill in Conjuration may be enough to give you early access to weightless, powerful weapons through the Bound [weapon] spells. Of course, enchantments work just as well, and a Constant Effect enchantment will let you always have the weapon at the ready.

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