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In December 2014, Vodafone blocked, instead redirecting to the site with the message "O site que pretende consultar encontra-se bloqueado por determinação judicial." (The site you are trying to access is blocked by court order.)[82]

Autocad Electrical 2014 Torrent Pirate 21

RCS & RDS, UPC Romania, Telekom Romania, Nextgen Communication, Digital Cable Systems and AKTA Telekom will block customers access to three piracy sites for movies and serials (, and the torrents being no longer allowed for Internet users in Romania, and operators must prohibit access to the related web addresses from the system. The decision was made in court by several film production companies (Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Universal City Studios Productions LLP, Universal Cable Productions LLC, Warner Bros Entertainment INC, Paramount Pictures Corporation, Disney Enterprises, Columbia Pictures Industries and Sony Pictures Television). According to the court's decision, "It is being permanently blocked by the method of DNS blocking access of the clients for the fixed access internet services to the websites currently accessible at the online locations indicated above. The decision is made by putting the solution at the disposal of the parties through the court registry, 05.11.2018 ". The decision is not final and may be appealed.[84]

Since January 2015, Vodafone Spain has blocked as requested by the Ministry of Interior. Since 29 March 2015 thepiratebay has been blocked on multiple URLs from all ISPs[89] According to the Ministry of Culture and Sport,[citation needed] procedures took place between June 2014 and November 2018 to block several associated domains, including those ending in .se, .org, .net, and .com.

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