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Download WordWeb for Free and Access Millions of English Words

WordWeb Download: A Comprehensive Dictionary and Thesaurus for Your PC

If you are looking for a reliable and versatile dictionary and thesaurus program for your PC, you might want to consider WordWeb. WordWeb is a free software that provides you with definitions, synonyms, antonyms, word relations, audio pronunciations, and online references for any word you enter. It also allows you to customize your own dictionaries, glossaries, and word lists. In this article, we will review the features, benefits, and alternatives of WordWeb, as well as show you how to download and install it on your PC.

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What is WordWeb?

WordWeb is an international English dictionary and thesaurus program for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. It is partly based on the WordNet database, which is a large lexical database of English words that are grouped into sets of synonyms called synsets. WordWeb can be used to look up words from almost any program, showing definitions, synonyms, and related words. It also includes pronunciations, usage examples, and spelling suggestions. You can also access Wikipedia, Wiktionary, and other web references directly from WordWeb.

Features of WordWeb

WordWeb has many features that make it a useful and powerful tool for anyone who works with words. Here are some of the main features of WordWeb:

Definitions and synonyms

WordWeb provides you with clear and concise definitions for over 290,000 words, compounds, and derived forms. It also shows you synonyms, similar words, and antonyms for each word. You can easily switch between different types of words, such as nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, etc. You can also view alphabetically nearest words and suggestions for misspellings.

Word relations

WordWeb helps you explore the semantic relationships between words by showing you various types of word relations, such as:

  • Hyponyms: words that are more specific than a given word (e.g., "rose" is a hyponym of "flower")

  • Hypernyms: words that are more general than a given word (e.g., "animal" is a hypernym of "dog")

  • Meronyms: words that name a part of a larger whole (e.g., "wheel" is a meronym of "car")

  • Holonyms: words that name the whole of which a given word is a part (e.g., "body" is a holonym of "arm")

  • Constituents: words that describe things that might be thereby constituted (e.g., "wood" is a constituent of "table")

You can double-click on any word relation to jump to its entry in the dictionary.

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Audio pronunciations

WordWeb provides you with audio pronunciations for over 70,000 words. You can listen to the pronunciation by clicking on the speaker icon next to the word. You can also see the text pronunciation with syllables and stress marks. You can choose between American, British, Canadian, or Australian accents.

Online references

WordWeb allows you to quickly check web references such as Wikipedia, Wiktionary, and WordWeb Customization options

WordWeb allows you to customize your own dictionaries, glossaries, and word lists. You can add new words, edit existing entries, or import and export word data. You can also change the appearance and behavior of WordWeb, such as the font size, color scheme, hotkey, and tabs. You can access the customization options from the Options menu in WordWeb.

Benefits of WordWeb

WordWeb is not only a comprehensive and versatile dictionary and thesaurus program, but also a convenient and efficient one. Here are some of the benefits of using WordWeb:

Easy to use

WordWeb is very easy to use. You can look up words from any program by using the keyboard shortcut or the mouse. You can also type words directly into the search box in WordWeb. The results are displayed instantly and clearly, with different types of information organized into tabs. You can also navigate between words by double-clicking on them or using the back and forward buttons.

Works offline and online

WordWeb works offline by default, which means you don't need an Internet connection to use it. This makes it fast and reliable. However, if you do have an Internet connection, you can also access online references such as Wikipedia, Wiktionary, and WordWeb Online from WordWeb. This gives you more information and resources for your word queries.

Compatible with Windows and Mac

WordWeb is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. You can download and install WordWeb for Windows or Mac from the official website. The installation process is simple and straightforward. You can also uninstall WordWeb easily if you don't want to use it anymore.

Free and environmentally friendly

WordWeb is free to use for personal or educational purposes, as long as you satisfy the licensing terms. The licensing terms are based on the number of flights you take per year, as a way of encouraging people to reduce their carbon footprint. If you take more than two flights per year, you need to buy a license or uninstall WordWeb. Alternatively, you can donate to an environmental charity to keep using WordWeb for free.

How to download and install WordWeb

If you want to download and install WordWeb on your PC, here are the steps you need to follow:

Downloading WordWeb from the official website

  • Go to the official website of WordWeb and click on the Download button.

  • Select the version of WordWeb that matches your operating system (Windows or Mac) and click on it.

  • Save the setup file to your computer.

Installing WordWeb on your PC

  • Open the setup file that you downloaded and follow the instructions on the screen.

  • Accept the license agreement and choose the destination folder for WordWeb.

  • Select the components that you want to install (such as audio pronunciations, web references, etc.).

  • Click on Install to start the installation process.

  • Wait for the installation to finish and click on Finish to exit the setup.

Activating WordWeb from any program

  • To activate WordWeb from any program, select a word that you want to look up and press Ctrl + Right Click on your mouse (or Ctrl + Alt + W on your keyboard).

  • A pop-up window will appear with the definition, synonyms, and other information about the word.

  • You can also click on Replace to replace the word with a synonym or similar word.

  • To close WordWeb, click on Exit or press Esc on your keyboard.

WordWeb alternatives

If you are looking for other dictionary and thesaurus programs that are similar to WordWeb, here are some alternatives that you can try:


Lingoes is a free dictionary and text translation software that supports over 80 languages. It offers lookup dictionaries, full text translation, capture word on screen, translate selected text, and pronunciation of words. It also integrates with web browsers and other applications. Lingoes is available for Windows only. is a popular online dictionary and thesaurus that provides definitions, synonyms, antonyms, examples, pronunciations, word origins, idioms, slang, quizzes, and more. It also has a mobile app for Android and iPhone that allows you to look up words, translate texts, play games, and learn new words. is available for both online and offline use.

Power Thesaurus

Power Thesaurus is a crowdsourced online thesaurus that provides synonyms, antonyms

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