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The Haunting Of Hill House Miniseries - Episode 2

Hannah flashes back and forth between events at different points in time, some real and some imaginary: the day she interviewed Owen for the cook position; the night of the bonfire when he offers to take her to Paris; and the time of Rebecca's employment at the manor, when Hannah caught Peter stealing from the Wingraves. One night, Peter is killed by the "Lady in the Lake", the faceless white-clad ghost who tracks mud into the house. Reincarnating as a ghost, he discovers he can possess Miles. Hannah sees Miles speaking to Peter. Peter then possesses Miles and shoves Hannah down the well, killing her. Dani arrives at the manor after, revealing that Hannah was killed right at that moment and has unwittingly been a ghost since Dani's arrival. The episode ends at the bonfire, where Hannah agrees to go to Paris with Owen, only to see him toasting her goodbye as he leaves with Jamie.

The Haunting of Hill House Miniseries - Episode 2

As they navigate the trauma of their childhood, another trauma comes forcing them to come to terms with exactly what happened in the house. Every episode feels like a short film that balances horror and a family drama perfectly.

The adaptation of a 1959 novel by the same name follows the Crains, a family who moves into Hill House to renovate the old mansion but is plagued by paranormal activity. The 10-episode miniseries jumps back and forth between their time in the mansion and their present-day lives, which are haunted by the home's sinister history. The show garnered much acclaim.

Forcing the audience to watch everything in one take makes everything even more frightening. Mike Flanagan said the crew practiced for more than a month to get the episode right, and they even designed the set ahead of time so they could move between two stages (the funeral home and the house) without cutting away:

I do not understand how M. Night Shyamalan envisions six seasons. There is room to elaborate on and explore the answers of the last two episodes, but that seems unnecessary to me. The only lingering question that I have is what happens next. This should have been a miniseries. I would keep the first three episodes, compress the middle five into three, keep the last two episodes intact, then use two episodes to wrap up the story, keeping the ten-episode count. 041b061a72

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