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NECRO - YOUR FUCKIN HEAD SPLIT - Underground Hip Hop Death Rap God Hardcore Beats

NECRO is a HipHop lyricist, producer, movie director, and is CEO of the independently owned PSYCHO+LOGICAL-RECORDS. He produces all the music for his label and has directed the video for the title track on his upcoming CD I Need Drugs. Necro is a hardcore rapper with a brutal lyrical style. His beats are grimy and he directs exploitational films. Necro has had two singles and an EP in stores distributed nationally and internationally. He has directed two short films that have circulated through the underground HipHop scene and numerous countries throughout the world.

NECRO - YOUR FUCKIN HEAD SPLIT - Underground Hip Hop Death Rap God Hardcore Beats

Necro's new full length CD is called I Need Drugs. It is sixteen selections of hardcore HipHop at it's sickest. Topics range from sadism, violence, and death to pornography, drugs, cockroaches, and STD's. Take your pick. The CD also includes Necro rapping on local radio stations live. The first single is the title track "I Need Drugs" and it is a remake of LL Cool J's "I Need Love" flipped into a drug theme. It is b/w "Hoe Blow" and "Rugged Shit". Necro's video "I Need Drugs" displays two drug addicts shooting up and smoking crack while Necro raps.

"Hoe Blow" is a pornographic track and he is rapping vile degrading lyrics here. It's equivalent to watching a porn movie except your listening to a track. "Rugged Shit" speaks for itself. The beat inspired Necro to rhyme rugged so the lyrics are very brutal. It's for the really underground heads. He plans to blow his company up nationally and internationally building a strong following, fan-by-fan, day-by-day.

He started producing beats for groups like Non-Phixion, Cage, Krist, and Missing Linx, who all released independent singles. Combined, all these records have sold over 48,000 copies. The Cage single he produced, "Agent Orange" b/w "Radiohead" is an underground classic and has received a lot of airplay on college radio. 041b061a72

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