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Bart And Lisa In Brother Love The Sex Game

Lisa is actually the smartest character in The Simpsons. However, this is because of her natural intelligence, which is never shown on screen. She is also the only Simpson who gets a perfect grade of 10 in her tests, a point that is never mentioned. This could be due to the fact that she can just fly through an exam without even studying, as seen in The Springfield Files.

bart and lisa in brother love the sex game

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In the episode Lisa the virgin, Lisa's mother gives Lisa a copy of Dr. Ruth's book called "Virgin, part 1 and 2" as a Mother's Day gift. The book's story focuses on three couples who were in different circumstances and how they overcame their obstacles to become mature. In this book, Dr. Ruth describes how Lisa's Mother gave up her virginity to her Daddy at the age of 13, she thought of him with lust and he held her, therefore Lisa would consider herself a virgin. When she lies about being a virgin, she is jealous that everyone else will be able to have sex before her when she finally does. In the episode, the whole family goes to the conference held by the Dr. Ruth. They go there to talk to Dr. Ruth to get Lisa back on track. In the conference, they tell Dr. Ruth that Lisa is a virgin and Dr. Ruth tells them that she is wrong. Lisa thanks Dr. Ruth and is pleased at how things have turned out and promises to get into an engineering college. The next day, Lisa decides she wants to be a sexper on the college campus while the family goes to get a present for Homer's birthday. The present the family gets for Homer is Sex Change Homer, and Homer ends up changing his sex in the process. He now has two bodies and two heads. In this body Homer is a woman. As soon as Homer and Marge find out that Lisa is a virgin, they set her a date with Bart. In a desperate attempt to protect her, Marge deceives the preacher by telling him Homer and Marge are in a same-sex relationship. The next day, Lisa and Bart have sex for the first time.

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