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Wisconsin's premiere information technology, computer repair, networking and computer services provider. Our engineers are the finest and most compassionate that you will ever find. Whether you have an enterprise of 150 computers, a small business or a home user; we are the right partner for you. With exceptional consideration for the whole use of technology, we engineer solutions that are durable, secure and easy to use. We build platforms to amplify the human ability by providing technology in the hands of people that care.


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At Computer Troubleshooters Amityville, we understand that convenience is key when it comes to repairing your computer or laptop. From water damage and cracked screens to virus removal and general diagnostics, our repair team is well-equipped to handle all your computer issues with our quality computer repair services.

Damaged device or system issues ruining your laptop or computer experience? Choose Computer Troubleshooters Amityville for expert hardware repair solutions to bring you back up to speed! Our repair technicians are ready to help with hardware repairs for computers of every make and model.

Premier Florida IT outsourcing company serving Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach, Port Orange, Winter Park, Lake Mary, and all other areas in Central Florida and Volusia and Flagler counties. Vann Data offers IT support, network and desktop support, computer installation and upgrades, IT outsourcing/staffing, consulting services, hardware, software and licensing, healthcare IT, network security, computer repair services, and much more.

Lower hardware costs, automatic software upgrades, and reliable data security. PC Quest helps organizations of all sizes ease the transition from physical to virtual to cloud computing. Our pragmatic, proven approach incorporates people, process, technology, and architecture.

1Geek4U Onsite Computer Repair offers the following services: For the typical home user, we offer assistance with hardware and software upgrades, repairs, virus and malware removal, data transfer to new computers, data salvage from crashed systems*, home networking assistance, wireless router configuration, and training. For the small business owner, we can assist with server maintenance, backups, cloud computing solutions, workstation support and repairs and training.*Not all hard drives may be salvageable.

In addition to ethics policy limitations, ITS Client Services does not have the capacity to accept and repair computers or hardware components that are not owned by the University of Illinois Springfield. With the limitation above in mind, here is list of services we can provide to personally owned computers:

Those who need help repairing their personal computers can contact outside businesses, a few local PC repair businesses and their contact information is listed below (NOTE: This list is in no particular order and ITS does not endorse or recommend any business over another)

ITS Client Services will assist with issues pertaining to ITS services, such as login and access problems, questions about features and general troubleshooting. Please be aware that problems that are caused by issues on your computer are best answered by phone when you are sitting in front of your computer.

The following services are performed in our offices for computers and other hardware owned by the University. We do make office visits when appropriate, and are available to pick up and deliver computers that we service.

ITS Client Services provides full repair services to computers which are under warranty. For computers that are not under warranty we can provide diagnosis and replacement of components. Replacement components must be purchased by the department which owns the computer.

If necessary, we perform data backup and recovery services for computers that we service. For failed hard drives and in cases of extreme infection, data recovery is not always possible, but we will give it our best effort.

We provide setup, connection and troubleshooting support to both laser and inkjet printers that are either network or locally connected. Depending on the issue we may refer you to a private company for service.

We provide a range of IT support, computer network support and computer repair in Indianapolis, Fishers, Carmel, Westfield, Lebanon, Zionsville, Cicero, Noblesville, Greenwood, Lafayette, West Lafayette, Avon, Muncie, Anderson and Kokomo, Indiana.

We have been calling St. Louis our home for over 12 years. NWO IT Services started its journey as an iPhone repair and computer PC break fix shop in the city. At this time, Nick had just a few clients that he had been managing IT for.

Cloud service computing is often over-complicated and thus difficult to value for many customers in the IT industry. The reality is that it is very simple: we take the data that you would have on your server and move it to a server in the cloud that is accessible anywhere that you have an internet connection. We can add resources such as storage space and memory as they are needed and create new servers for expanding proprietary software platforms within hours. 041b061a72

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