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Xp Share Pokemon Yellowl

Half of the earned experience and stat experience is distributed evenly among party members who participated in the battle. Then, due to a bug, experience and stat experience equal to the amount received by a single participating party member is distributed evenly among all party members. If only one of the player's Pokémon participated in the battle this amount is equal to half of the total, functioning as intended; however, if multiple Pokémon participated, some experience and stat experience that would have otherwise been earned is lost. Experience that would be distributed to a fainted Pokémon is always lost. For example, in a party of five, each Pokémon would get 20% of the shared experience. If two Pokémon are fainted, the remaining three still only get 20% of the shared experience each, and 40% of the shared experience is lost.

Xp Share Pokemon Yellowl

The Exp. All (Experience All) is an item in the first generation of Pokémon games, available in Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow. You can pick up the item from one of Prof. Oak's Aides in the gate right to the right of Fuchsia City after obtaining at least 50 species of Pokémon in your Pokédex. It's an item that you can't sell, but you're able to place it in your PC if you wish. Now, you might be asking, what good is the Exp. All? Well, not only does it do what you'd think it does, give experience to everyone in your party after a battle, it shares it equally. But there are a few things to note.

The Exp. All gives half of the experience gained in a battle to any of the Pokémon that took part in the battle, then the other half is split between every Pokémon in the party, even the ones that didn't battle. So, for example, if I had 6 Pokémon in my party and battled a Pokémon that gave out 1,200 experience using two of them, the two Pokémon that battled would each receive 300 experience, which added up totals 600, or half of the original 1,200 experience. The rest of the 600 experience gets shared between the 6 in the party. So every Pokémon would then get 100 experience, and the two that battled would receive a total of 400 experience. I personally recommend only having two or three Pokémon in your party so the experience gets more evenly distributed throughout the ones you're training.

As mentioned, after each battle, your Pokemon earns Experience Points if they took part in it. Even if your Pokemon didn't make a move, you can still earn these points. However, if your Pokemon faints, no Exp. Points are earned. However, if it is revived, it will still gain a share of EXP (obviously, not the full share, since another Pokemon has entered the battle). Similar to earning EVs, Experience comes from the individual Pokemon you are battling. (See Section 3)Let's say that you wanted to level up a newly hatched Charmander. An easy way to level it up would be to put it first in your party and go battle the Elite Four. Since it's first in the party, it will go into battle first. Switch out Charmander for a trained Pokemon on your first turn and KO your opponent. Charmander has earned Exp. Points as well! Simple?

Okay. First, the Enemy Experience Stat is a special stat given to each individual species of Pokemon (See Section 3.2 for list and details) and is applied here. Next, is the level of the enemy. Next, is either a 1 or a 1.5 on whether your enemy is a trainer's pokemon. If it's wild, it's 1, if it's a Trainer's, it's 1.5. Finally, divide all this by 7, add any applied boosters, split evenly between Pokemon that battled, round them, and you've got about how many points each will earn from the battle.

Level 100: Ironically, some people seem to forget their Pokemon are at this level already and wonder "Why didn't it gain Experience?". Simple. It doesn't gain Experience at Level 100, it can gain EVs, however. For the purposes of calculating experience shared among your Pokemon, a Level 100 Pokemon is treated the same as a Pokemon that has fainted.

A major item in the Pokemon games for years has been the Exp Share, a vital item that allows you to give the inactive Pokemon in your party a share of the experience points you're earning with whoever is doing the fighting. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are no exception, and feautre the Exp Share as a fairly early-game item you can nab.

This is exactly where it was in the original Pokemon Sun & Moon, by the way - the Exp Share is one of the few things that wasn't changed at all. The exp share is perfect for leveling up weak Pokemon you're not ready to use yet such as the special Event Rockruff that you can currently get for free, or for keeping your team balanced.

Some players have complained about the Exp Share making the game too easy, since in this generation of Pokemon it gives a share of the EXP to everybody in your party, not just to one specific Pokemon. This does mean you can end up with an over-leveled party, so be sure to consider if you want it on or not depending on your gameplay preference.

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