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Abram Bogdanov
Abram Bogdanov

Battlefield 6: The ultimate guide to the upcoming military shooter

Defy all odds on a new battlefield set in Czechia around an abandoned industrial facility, slowly being retaken by nature. Face the heat of vertical crossfire by a disused turbine, engage in vehicular combat around the crash site of a derailed train, and survive an infantry meat grinder in a hidden bunker.

I dont think i've ever played a battlefield thats never had launch issues so this was expected for me..still buying it as its going to improve just like the others..every call of duty game has some of the worse server issues day one and they always get better reviews...hopefully i'll get mine at the end of the month and then i'll be having some..

battlefield 6

Played a bit of the free trial and I thought it was terrible to be honest, it didn't look that great, and it just didn't click with me. Glad I got the free trial as I might have picked it up on sale at some point, but will give it a miss. Haven't really enjoyed battlefield in a while now to be honest so wasn't expecting much, shame as the last great one for me was no 4 loved that game

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