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[S1E2] House Of Locks House Of Eyes ((INSTALL))

Doreah was sold to the pleasure house by her mother when she was nine years old. She didn't touch a man until three years after that, however, and in the intervening years was instructed in the art of seduction. She spent fifteen years there before being bought by Viserys Targaryen.[2]

[S1E2] House of Locks House of Eyes

Doreah pleasures Viserys and tells him that she has always wanted to see a dragon. She points out she once saw a man who could change his face like clothing, and a pirate covered in gold who flew colorful sails. Viserys is initially amused by the discussion, but sours when it reminds him of the destruction of his house at the hands of the Usurper. He forces Doreah to finish pleasuring him in silence, which she does enthusiastically.[2]

Meanwhile, Jesse notices that his former house is for sale. Stopping to take a closer look, he runs into his father, who describes the extensive improvements they have made to the property, but demurs at giving Jesse a tour. When his father appears unenthused at inviting him for dinner, a hurt Jesse leaves.

Saul meets with Jesse's parents and their lawyer about purchasing the house on behalf of an unnamed client. Their price is $875,000, but Saul stuns them with his counteroffer of $400,000 in cash. As they are about to leave, Saul blindsides them with knowledge that they have feloniously neglected to the divulge the existence of the basement meth lab in their disclosure statement, threatening to encumber the property with a lawsuit if they do not capitulate.

At the behest of Saul, Mike installs surveillance equipment in the rear of the White residence. Walt arrives at the house, his Aztek loaded with belongings, but discovers that Skyler has changed the locks. Seeing Walt break in through the crawl space, Mike heads back to his car.However, Mike notices another car pulling up; Marco and Leonel step out and, with a large mirror-polished silver axe in hand, enter Walt's house. Mike makes a quick phone call to Victor, who standing alongside Gus at an industrial laundry.

Marco and Leonel sit on Walt's bed, waiting for Walt to get out of the shower. One of them notices the plastic eyeball from the pink teddy bear among Walt's belongings and idly examines it before tossing it back into the suitcase. As Walt finishes his shower and dries himself, Marco receives a text message bearing a single word: "POLLOS." He shows Leonel the text and the two exchange a look. When Walt enters the bedroom, the Cousins have vanished. Walt immediately notices the misplaced eyeball and suspects he's not alone. He looks around the house, unaware just how close he was to death.

Conrad patiently awaits the arrival of Laurel, Steven, and Belly for their latest Summer at Cousins Beach. When they arrive, Conrad emerges from the side of the house and locks eyes with Belly, who has changed a lot since the last summer. His first remarks is that he likes her better with glasses, but she likes herself better without them. Jeremiah and Steven declare it's time for a belly flop. The boys chase Belly until the grab her, carry her to the pool, and throw her in. She feigns a sprained ankle to trick Conrad into helping her. She pulls him into the pool as retribution, making him laugh.

Belly sneaks out of the house to attend the bonfire but falls when she walks into the party. Conrad looks up from making out with a girl wearing a Red Sox cap. Belly thought he hated the Red Sox. The girl is Nicole, the girl Conrad took to the deb ball last Summer. Belly counters that Conrad told her deb balls are bullshit and debs are sheep. He calls her a brat so she calls him an asshole.

The kids are dropped off at home by a police officer. Steven argues that it's not a big deal, but she disagrees; getting arrested for underage drinking is a big deal. Steven asks if the moms have been smoking, but Laurel lies that they haven't. Laurel warns to keep their voices down as Susannah is asleep. Jere reveals that he was the DD tonight. Laurel scolds Conrad for being the oldest but not having responsibility. She turns to Belly, wondering when she left the house and what she's wearing. She walked to the beach which Laurel dislikes, prompting Belly to lash out that she's not a kid anymore. If they want to be treated like adults, they should act like one. Tonight, could have ended differently if the Fisher's weren't the Fisher's. The kids go to bed and Conrad refuses to open up with Laurel. Before bed, Conrad covers Susannah, who's sleeping on the couch, with a blanket.

Belly's birthday arrives and it's always a celebration at the house. It's the one day of the year where the boys have to include her in everything. One year, Conrad uses syrup to draw an infinity symbol on her pancakes. He explains that he learned about it in math class. There's no start or end point, it just goes on forever - that's infinity.

He returns to the beach house with Nicole, who greets Belly with a happy birthday. Belly introduces Taylor to Nicole, noting that playing chicken was her idea. Belly asks if they want to play a real game. They face-off against one another in boys-against-girls pool volleyball. They have fun together until Taylor volleys the ball into Nicole's forehead. Taylor remarks that it was an accident, but Belly makes sure Taylor is okay. She says she fine but her and Conrad go inside to get some ice. Taylor stops Belly from helping, as Conrad can take care of her. They should go inside and look at themselves in the mirror some more. He pauses then tells them to have fun with that.

Once inside, Conrad gives Nicole some ice and makes sure she's okay. She thanks him for taking care of her, which he's happy to do any time. As she tries to kiss him, he gets a text from Cleveland and suddenly remembers he's late for the interview. He rushes out of the house. He arrives at the bookstore where Laurel and Susannah are watching the interview from the outside. Conrad realizes that he's too late and has missed the interview.

Back at the house, Laurel sits next to Conrad outside and admits she's checking in on him. He's fine, a retort she mimics. They used to talk and now they barely do. He's still her special guy, the first baby, and he can talk to her about anything. He thanks her so she adds that he doesn't have to hold everything in all the time. He doesn't have to always be strong. He begins to tell her something when Laurel juts in that it's been a while since she was his age, but remembers what it's like to have her heart broken. Conrad realizes what she's talking about and quickly agrees, adding that it was brutal.

The Fourth of July in Cousins is all about traditions. Susannah decks out the whole house, the dads come up for the weekend, and the boys steam clams and shoot off fireworks. Conrad prepares to wash the clams, Jeremiah finishes his milk, and Steven finishes his portrait with Susannah. Susannah tells the boys that their father can't come, as he's closing a deal. Jeremiah is disappointed at he has fireworks to show him, but Susannah promises to take a video.

Conrad helps Belly make the guest room up for John and his girlfriend's arrival. He teaches her to do the 45-degree angle for tight corners. She wonders if this is what it would be like if they were together and older. She asks if he finds it weird that Victoria and John are staying at the house, but he jokes that they won't have loud sex. Belly calls her bitchy, but Conrad suggests she give her a chance as she might be a nice person. He tells her it will be fine. She's sorry his dad isn't coming, but he's not. A car honking outside signals the arrival of John and Victoria.

Later in the day, Susannah brings the cake out to the porch, but Belly trips on the stairs and crashes into her. They both fall to the ground and the cake smashes apart. Susannah goes inside to clean up, while Belly is taken back to the house by her father. As such, the party disperses. The boys clean up from the party until Conrad tells them to set up the fireworks while he cleans up. Adam comes outside to smoke a cigarette, asking if Conrad got everything cleaned up. He did so Adam reprimands him for letting Belly drink that much. He's the oldest and is supposed to look out for the younger kids, ignoring his claim of not knowing she was drinking that much. Conrad scuffs that he doesn't know why he thought he could talk to his dad. Adam tries to apologize as he has a lot going on right now, but Conrad tells him to just leave as he goes inside.

Belly puts on her bathing suit for a late-night swim but sees Conrad out at the dock watching the fireworks. She joins him, asking if everyone hates her now. He wonders who could ever hate her. She admits to thinking her mom just had sex, which surprises him, making him laugh. He remarks "go Laurel" as they both chuckle. They watch the fireworks, unaware that Jeremiah has come out of the house and is watching from the porch. Conrad starts to tell her about the necklace. She apologizes for bringing it up earlier. He did get it for her but doesn't know why he didn't give it to her. He supposes that he got embarrassed, which confuses her. He sighs that she doesn't know the effect she has on people.

She's confused as she doesn't know what he's talking about. He remarks that she does. They begin to move closer as if they are about to kiss. Suddenly, fireworks zoom past Conrad and Belly, interrupting their near-kiss and going off in the sky. They look back to see Jeremiah going into the house. Belly looks to Conrad, who remains stoic, looking at the water. She looks away just as he looks at her. They proceed to watch the fireworks in silence.[4]

Late that night, Susannah comes into the house and takes off her sweater, hanging it up. She starts up the stairs but becomes woozy. She sits on the step and leans against the wall. Conrad finds her and asks if she's had a big today. He helps her go upstairs so she won't fall, which makes her laugh as she's not gonna fall.[5]

Once back at the beach house, Belly makes a smoothie when Conrad enters the kitchen, greeting her. He asks if she's feeling good about the tournament, and she feels ready. If she stays ready, she doesn't have to get ready. She chuckles as that's super cheesy. He suggests she try coming up with a motivational phrase with no cheese. She tries for a moment but can't do it, making them both laugh. He apologizes, not for being cheesy, but for being a jerk the other day and pretending her didn't remember when he did remember everything. He keeps replaying it in his head. He knows it's too little too late but asks if he can take her to the ball. This catches her off-guard. He already knows all the dances so it's not a problem. The doorbell rings so she stammers out that she'll think about it. 041b061a72

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