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Heaven is Not a Myth: The Amazing Stories of Near Death Experience Books Authors Who Visited the Other Side

Near Death Experiences Books Authors: A Guide to the Best Reads on Life After Death

Have you ever wondered what happens when we die? Do you believe in an afterlife, a heaven, a hell, or something else? If you are curious about these questions, you might be interested in reading books by near death experiences books authors.

near death experiences books authors

Near death experiences (NDEs) are phenomena that occur when people come close to dying or are clinically dead, but then revive or resuscitate. During these moments, some people report having profound experiences of leaving their bodies, seeing a bright light, meeting deceased loved ones, encountering spiritual beings, reviewing their lives, feeling peace and love, and more.

NDEs have been reported by people of all ages, cultures, religions, and backgrounds. They have also been studied by scientists, psychologists, philosophers, and theologians. Some see NDEs as evidence of life after death, while others explain them as natural or psychological phenomena.

Whatever your perspective on NDEs, you can find many books by near death experiences books authors that share their personal stories, insights, and lessons. These books can inspire you, challenge you, comfort you, or simply entertain you. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best near death experiences books authors and their works. Let's get started!

The Pioneers of Near Death Experience Research: Raymond Moody and George Ritchie

One of the first and most influential near death experiences books authors is Raymond Moody. He is a psychiatrist and philosopher who coined the term "near death experience" in his 1975 book Life After Life. In this book, he collected and analyzed over 100 cases of people who had NDEs. He also identified the common elements of NDEs, such as the out-of-body experience, the tunnel, the light, the life review, etc.

Moody's book sparked a lot of interest and controversy in the public and academic spheres. It also inspired many other near death experiences books authors to share their stories or conduct their own research. Moody himself continued to write more books on NDEs and related topics, such as The Light Beyond, Glimpses of Eternity, and Paranormal.

Another pioneer of near death experience research is George Ritchie. He was a medical doctor and a World War II veteran who had an NDE in 1943 when he was pronounced dead for nine minutes. During his NDE, he met Jesus Christ and traveled with him to different realms of existence. He also saw the effects of people's thoughts and actions on their souls.

Ritchie's NDE changed his life and his career. He became a psychiatrist and a Christian speaker. He also wrote two books about his NDE: Return from Tomorrow and My Life After Dying. His story influenced many other near death experiences books authors, including Raymond Moody himself.

The Bestselling Near Death Experience Authors: Betty Eadie and Eben Alexander

One of the most popular and bestselling near death experiences books authors is Betty Eadie. She is a Native American woman who had an NDE in 1973 when she underwent a hysterectomy. During her NDE, she met Jesus Christ and three angels who showed her the creation of the world, the purpose of life, the future of humanity, and more.

Eadie wrote about her NDE in her 1992 book Embraced by the Light, which became a huge success and sold over six million copies. She also wrote several follow-up books, such as The Awakening Heart, The Ripple Effect, and Embraced by the Light: Prayers and Devotions. Her books have touched millions of people and helped them cope with grief, fear, and doubt.

Another bestselling near death experience author is Eben Alexander. He is a neurosurgeon who had an NDE in 2008 when he contracted a rare form of bacterial meningitis that put him in a coma for a week. During his NDE, he visited a realm of pure consciousness and love, where he met a divine guide and his deceased sister. He also learned that consciousness is not produced by the brain, but is fundamental to existence.

Alexander wrote about his NDE in his 2012 book Proof of Heaven, which became a New York Times bestseller and sold over two million copies. He also wrote two more books, The Map of Heaven and Living in a Mindful Universe. His books have challenged the materialistic view of science and opened up new possibilities for understanding the nature of reality.

The Inspiring Near Death Experience Authors: Anita Moorjani and Todd Burpo

One of the most inspiring near death experiences books authors is Anita Moorjani. She is a woman of Indian origin who grew up in Hong Kong and suffered from lymphoma for four years. In 2006, she slipped into a coma and was given hours to live. During her NDE, she experienced unconditional love and acceptance, and realized that she had the power to heal herself.

Moorjani miraculously recovered from her cancer and wrote about her NDE in her 2012 book Dying to Be Me, which became an international bestseller and was endorsed by Wayne Dyer. She also wrote another book, What If This Is Heaven?, in which she debunked some common myths about spirituality and happiness. Her books have inspired many people to live authentically and fearlessly.

Another inspiring near death experience author is Todd Burpo. He is a pastor and a father whose son Colton had an NDE in 2003 when he was four years old. During his NDE, Colton visited heaven, where he met Jesus Christ, angels, his great-grandfather, and his unborn sister who died in a miscarriage.

Burpo wrote about his son's NDE in his 2010 book Heaven is for Real, which became a New York Times bestseller and was adapted into a movie. He also wrote several companion books, such as Heaven is for Real for Kids, Heaven Changes Everything, and God is for Real. His books have comforted many people who have lost their loved ones or are facing death themselves.

The Diverse Near Death Experience Authors: Dannion Brinkley and Howard Storm

One of the most diverse near death experiences books authors is Dannion Brinkley. He is a former Marine and a hospice volunteer who had three NDEs in his life. The first one happened in 1975 when he was struck by lightning while talking on the phone. During his NDE, he met 13 beings of light who showed him visions of the past and the future, and gave him 117 prophecies.

Brinkley wrote about his first NDE in his 1994 book Saved by the Light, which became a bestseller and was made into a movie. He also wrote two more books, At Peace in the Light and The Secrets of the Light, in which he shared his second and third NDEs, as well as his spiritual insights and humanitarian work. His books have awakened many people to the importance of compassion and service.

some demonic creatures who tormented him. He was rescued by Jesus Christ, who showed him heaven and taught him about love and forgiveness.

Storm wrote about his NDE in his 2000 book My Descent Into Death, which became a bestseller and was featured on Oprah. He also wrote another book, Befriend God: Life with Jesus, in which he shared his spiritual journey and his ministry. His books have converted many people to Christianity and helped them overcome their fear of hell.

The New Near Death Experience Authors: Judy Bachrach and Tessy Rawlins

One of the new near death experiences books authors is Judy Bachrach. She is a journalist and a professor who interviewed hundreds of people who had NDEs for her 2014 book Glimpsing Heaven. In this book, she presented the stories and science of NDEs in an objective and journalistic way. She also explored the implications of NDEs for our understanding of death, consciousness, and morality.

Bachrach's book is one of the most comprehensive and credible books on NDEs. It covers a wide range of topics, such as the medical and neurological aspects of NDEs, the cultural and religious variations of NDEs, the aftereffects and challenges of NDEs, and the ethical and social issues of NDEs. Her book has informed and intrigued many readers who are curious about NDEs.

Another new near death experience author is Tessy Rawlins. She is an editor and a publisher who collected and edited dozens of stories of people who had NDEs for her series of books titled Heaven is Real; Heaven Exists. In these books, she presented the true stories of people who went to heaven and came back with amazing messages and revelations.

Rawlins' books are some of the most uplifting and comforting books on NDEs. They show that heaven is a real place where we can meet our loved ones, our angels, and our God. They also show that heaven is a state of mind where we can experience peace, joy, and love. Her books have inspired and healed many people who are grieving or suffering.

Conclusion: What can we learn from near death experience books authors?

Near death experiences books authors are people who have had extraordinary experiences that changed their lives and their views on death and life. They have written books to share their stories, insights, and lessons with us. Their books can offer us different perspectives on NDEs, such as scientific, religious, personal, or universal.

What can we learn from near death experience books authors? We can learn that death is not the end, but a transition to another realm of existence. We can learn that life has a purpose and a meaning that transcends our physical circumstances. We can learn that love is the most powerful force in the universe and the essence of our being.

Whether you believe in NDEs or not, you can benefit from reading near death experience books authors. You can find wisdom, inspiration, comfort, or entertainment in their books. You can also find yourself questioning your own beliefs, values, and choices in life. You can find yourself glimpsing heaven.


Here are some frequently asked questions about near death experience books authors:

  • Who are some other near death experience books authors?

Some other near death experience books authors are P.M.H. Atwater, Kenneth Ring, Jeffrey Long, Bruce Greyson, Nancy Evans Bush, Nanci Danison, Mary C. Neal, Don Piper, Colton Burpo, Akiane Kramarik, James Van Praagh, John Lerma, Melvin Morse, Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, etc.

  • Where can I find more information about near death experiences?

You can find more information about near death experiences on websites such as The International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS), Near-Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF), Afterlife Research and Education Institute (AREI), etc.

  • How can I have a near death experience?

You can have a near death experience by having a close brush with death, such as a cardiac arrest, a car accident, a drowning, a suicide attempt, etc. However, not everyone who has a close brush with death has a near death experience. The causes and triggers of NDEs are still unknown and mysterious.

  • Are near death experiences real or hallucinations?

This is a controversial and unresolved question. Some people believe that near death experiences are real and that they reveal the true nature of reality and consciousness. Others believe that near death experiences are hallucinations and that they are caused by physiological or psychological factors, such as lack of oxygen, drugs, stress, etc.

  • What are the effects of near death experiences?

Near death experiences can have profound and lasting effects on people who have them. Some of the common effects are: increased spirituality and faith, decreased fear of death, enhanced appreciation of life, improved relationships, greater compassion and altruism, higher self-esteem and confidence, more creativity and intuition, etc. 71b2f0854b

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