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[S5E27] Visible Brad ((TOP))

Henry tries to learn a cup and ball trick, and Schwoz tries to learn a linking ring trick. Ray is frustrated, saying that he can't do magic or make objects levitate. Just then, a wrench starts to levitate. It then flies over and hits Ray in the back. It is revealed to be Invisible Brad. He tells them that as he is invisible, he can make objects appear to float on their own, and in return, Schwoz would make him visible. Schwoz said he would need fifteen cats to test it on, and Piper goes to a cat lady to get some cats. Henry and Ray arrive at the Magic Palace dressed as magicians. Ray introduces himself as The Amazing Ray and introduces Henry as Trick Boy. Brad helps them levitate a book, and Tatiana allows them inside. They see a magician named Stu with the Declaration, and they confront him. However, Stu handcuffs Ray and Henry together and knocks them out with magic confetti.

[S5E27] Visible Brad

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Ray wakes up tied to the ceiling, and Henry wakes up tied to a wheel. Stu begins to throw razor cards at Henry before Brad arrives and frees Ray. Stu vanishes, turning into a bird, but Henry sees Stu crawling away. Brad knocks down Henry's wheel onto Stu. Ray, Henry, and Brad return to the Man Cave, where Schwoz has been working on the machine. He manages to make the fifteenth cat visible, and then he uses the device on Brad. Brad becomes visible, dirty, and out of shape. He goes to take a shower as Ray gets an emergency call warning them about fourteen giant cats wandering Swellview. 041b061a72

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